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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Northern Coalition (NC) was a coalition of alliances that lived in northern 0.0 space. The two commonly stated goals of the coalition were common defense of the north from external aggression, and ongoing opposition to the Greater BoB Community (GBC) accross the galaxy. The Northern Coalition was notable for the vast number of players under its banner (the most in any coalition in New Eden history), its confederation-based model of governance and its long-standing monopoly of the Technetium market.

It is widely accepted that a major stimulus for bringing the Northern Coalition alliances into such close union was the brutal week long siege of EC-P8R by Band of Brothers and several other powerful alliances in 108 EST, and the desire that BoB should never again wield such power in the north.

The Northern Coalition was generally non-expansionist, as it did not seek to capture territory outside the North. Its member alliances operated independently on a day to day basis, coming together only for large conflicts especially in defense of the north. The major members had full control of their own space, with guest alliances operating within that space (or within Venal), under a variety of agreements.

After years of a reciprocal foreign policy, the first aggressive campaign that the NC waged would also be its last with the attack upon, grueling attrition war with and eventual destruction at the hands of the united denizens of the Drone Regions.


The Northern Coalition's political stance was always uncompromisingly hostile towards the GBC to such an extent that it often used that relationship to define other standings. At the height of The Great War of 109-110 EST the NC openly operated a 'With BoB or against BoB' politics.

Coalition Members[edit]

Full land holding members of the coalition as of 24 April 2011 were:

Historically the Northern Coalition had little formal structure but in its later form evolved a more stable, hierarchical membership system. The coalition also consisted of a number of 'Guest' alliances who's role and status varies greatly from old friends to full members in waiting. Each Guest is the responsibility of a full member under the 'slot system'.

Guests of NC[edit]

See: Guest List

History With Tau Ceti Federation & GoonSwarm Federation[edit]

In late July 108 EST, shortly after forming, TCF invaded Morsus Mihi held Tribute. After briefly capturing both stations of H-W9TY and D7-ZAC they dug-in in the later as Morsus Mihi and other Northern Coalition alliances returned from operations in Cloud Ring. Attempts to remove TCF quickly weren't succesful and the war saw heavy capital losses on both sides, including the August 2nd battle where 8 RAWR and 6 TCF dreadnaughts were brought down. At the time the battle was the bloodiest yet among capsuleer alliances. At the height of the stalemate TCF attempted to trade their position for permenant space elsewhere in the north. The NC while impressed by TCF's resilience were keen to show this was not the way to win their favour and so ended negotiations. For two months TCF and minor allies held out in the system against large sections of the NC including the capital fleets of D2 and RZR before finally being worn down. They retreated to Venal briefly before leaving the north.

In December 110 EST (following the withdrawal by BoB from the north at the end of the MAX Campaign) TCF returned to the north by joining the NC as a full member and relocating to Deklein. TCF had assisted the Northern Coalition against BoB and Triumvirate. during the MAX Campaign.

By September 2010 TCF space in Deklein had changed hands to the reformed GoonSwarm and TEST Alliance, acting as a buffer between the Goons and their enemies, the NC considers the GSF 'blue' and together have brought the Cloud Ring alliances EVOKE and EWOKS to submission in October 2010. Bringing the Northern Coalition sphere of influence once more closer to former-GBC corporations of IT Alliance.

Additional Information[edit]

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