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Neutrality in Evelopedia[edit]

Eve is full of politics and debates, on everything from the virtue of a ship or module to the PVP prowess of a given alliance or corporation. In order for Evelopedia to be a useful source for info about Eve and its history and to help prevent contested topics from devolving into vicious edit wars, Evelopedia has a Neutrality policy (known to Wikipedia as NPOV – neutral point of view).

How to write neutral articles[edit]

Stick to the facts[edit]

You can put down facts and facts about opinions, but keep personal opinions out of articles. Ideally, you will be able to cite a verifiable source for your facts. Don’t write in conspiracy theories.

Represent different points of view where they exist[edit]

If there are two different versions of how an event happened and both of them can be backed up with reliable sources, present both of them in the article. Describe a dispute as if you are an uninvolved 3rd party without actually taking part in it.

Let actions speak for themselves[edit]

Player/Corp/Alliance X is not the best/worst at Eve or important/unimportant just because someone says so. If you describe what someone has done in the game, people reading it can judge for themselves whether they are great or terrible. Avoid personal attacks. Avoid grandstanding – talking about how great you are.


Wikipedia’s NPOV policy page provides an excellent example:

"You won't even need to say (Sadam Hussein) was evil. That is why the article on Hitler does not start with "Hitler was a bad man"—we don't need to, his deeds convict him a thousand times over. We just list the facts of the Holocaust dispassionately, and the voices of the dead cry out afresh in a way that makes name-calling both pointless and unnecessary. Please do the same: list Saddam's crimes, and cite your sources."


There are specific things which are exempt from the neutrality policy:

  • Corps/Alliances may have a section on their own pages titled “Recruitment Pitch”. A recruitment pitch is just that – you can say how awesome you are all you want within this section.
  • Contributor pages are essentially your personal bios. You can put about anything you want in your own bio as long as it doesn’t violate the Eve-Online EULA or common nettiquette rules.