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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Here are some resources which new players should find useful. The first four links in the New Players section are likely to be the most useful to new players. Keep this page bookmarked as a jumping off point when you have spare time to read!

New Players[edit]

Day 0 Advice for New Players
Hand-selected links to get new players up to speed as quickly as possible.

New Players Very First Steps
A step at a time guide for your first week.

Akita T's Golden Rules
A must-read resource for new players.

Tippia's Newbie Skill Guide
A guide to training your new character for a broad range of combat skills, allowing you to be useful in PvP as soon as you start playing. Covers the first two months.

Your first days in space
The Evelopedia articles oriented towards new players are very useful. This is one chapter of the Official Players Guide.

What to do in EVE Online
A large clickable chart showing a broad range of activities. Use this for inspiration to explore the sandbox!

EVE Lingo for New Players
MAPC, RCU, CPR huh? Find what those abbreviations mean.

How to Survive EVE Online - Updated for Incarna
EVE University's step-by-step video walkthrough of the New Player Experience from character creation to the end of the career funnel missions.

The Industrial Sized Knowledgebase
A relatively thorough manual for EVE online, though some sections are quite outdated (e.g.: references to learning skills).

The Making ISK Guide
This will help you find ways to keep your ISK income in line with your PvP habit.

Guide for Experienced MMO Players
A reasonably broad guide to introduce people to the game and the gameplay. The author is looking for new maintainers. Ignore the section on character creation: post-Apocryhpa the only difference between races is which frigate and weapon skills you start with, and what your character looks like.

Eve University Class Library
Eve University's archive of recorded classes and lectures on almost every subject in Eve.

Battleclinic's List of Tools
A useful collection of third-party tools to support your EVE Online experience.

Guide Library
A page that contains many useful guides, from traveling safely and how to avoid pirates to common eve terms and a basic guide to fighting.

ZOMG Useful
A collection of links that will be useful young or old in Eve. Warning some may be approaching the end of their life cycle.

Quickstart guide for New Players
Is Eve your first MMO or are you just feeling a little overwhelmed? This is outdated and needs to be refreshed for post-Apocryhpa EVE Online.

Wear a Cloaking Device
An adaptation of Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young

Spies, Security, Covert Ops[edit]

Where you can find out about spies and spying

Leadership and Management Training[edit]

Technocrat: Leadership Algorhythms

An encyclopedic resources for managers and leaders of corps.


Kessiaan's updated low sec survival guide for rookies
Kessiaan has written a top notch guide on staying alive in low security systems, read it if you want to keep your ship!

10 Safety tips for new players
Ten useful tips for new eve players that will keep you alive!

First 15 days in low sec
Feel queasy passing close to a 0.4 security gate? Now you don't have to with this superb guide on living, surviving and most importantly pew pewing your way around low sec.

Comprehensive Guide to Jump Cones
Just what it says on the tin.


Eve Forum Search
A site created by Chribba that allows easy searching of the Eve Online Forums.

Eve Files
A easy to use site created and run by Chribba for players to upload files related to EVE.

Connecting to IRC
Want to connect to the IRC Server and talk with other eve players? Have a look at this guide.

How to create a sig
This guide teach you how to create a banner for your signature on the forums that complies with all the rules.

Agents & Missions[edit]

EVE Agents Database
Another of Chribba's sites - there is no stopping the man! This one deals with all things agentified.

Missions and Money in EvE: a guide
How to make money in missions. Perhaps your quickest way to riches?

EVE-Survival Kill Missions Guides
Comprehensive list of level 1-4 missions with recommended tanking and walkthroughs.

Character Creation & Skills[edit]

Attributes and Skills Guide
An obsolete discussion on learning skills.

Character Creation
An obsolete guide into which character is best suited for the role you foresee but remember, change is constant in Eve and that may well include you (and in fact did happen to this guide).

Character Creation 2: The revenge
An obsolete guide on character creation from the days when Achura were ugly but smart.

New Character Skills
An obsolete guide on character selection based on starting schools based on bloodline and specialisation.

Ships And Modules[edit]

Battleclinic's Guide to Amarr Frigates
A very comprehensive flash guide Amarrian tech 1 frigates. Includes recommended fittings and strategies. NSFW - Flash presentation with sound/music.

New players guide to Ships, Systems and Equipment
A very useful thread that gives you details on the different types of weapons and modules and how they operate.

New Players Guide to Tanking
Want to know how to tank your ship properly? This is the place.

Electronic Warfare
Want to start using electronic warfare or simply want to learn how it works? Have a look at this.

A new players' guide to Caldari ships
Interested in flying Caldari ships? This guide will explain it all from ship roles to module suggestions.

What do I need to fly xxx ship well?
A straight to the point guide on which skills will help you fly what ship well.

Science and Industry guide and A Newbie's Guide to Caldari Ships
Three guides for the price of one!


How to: Building from a blueprint
Interested in knowing how to build from a blueprint? This guide includes step by step instructions and includes pictures.

Basic guide to T1 production.
How to get yourself up and running in the production business.

Planetary production tree.
Planet types and production tree for planet interaction.


Contract System
Got a question about how the new contract system works? Have a look in here.

Contract Scams: What to watch for
If you're ever worried about falling for a contract scam, heard all the scaremongering and want to protect yourself, here's how.

Beginner's guide to * MAKING ISK * in EVE-Online by Akita T
Almost all the (in-game) ways of getting ISK listed for your convenience, with a couple of explanations and links to better specific resources.


Complete Miners Guide
This thread contains a link to a PDF document that is a complete mining guide, covering new players all the way to advanced 0.0 mining.

Opportunity Cost
Otherwise known as, "the minerals you mine yourself are not actually free" - you'll hear this term come up frequently in the forums.

"Cost of Production" theory of value
Somewhat related to "opportunity cost", the "cost of production" theory states that the cost of a good or service can be calculated by simply adding up the cost of all the resources used to produce the good or service. A discussion from two camp appears in the thread what do you value your mined minerals at.

The Overview[edit]

Overview Settings Guide
Confused on how to set up the powerful tool that is your overview? Fear not with this handy how to guide.

Guide - The Overview
Seemingly the start in a series of PVP guides, how to set your overview right will give you a head-start in clearing the fog of war.

Reference Materials[edit]

EVE Knowledgebase
You're not alone in having problems when you start out, which is why the knowledgebase was set up to facilitate the answer to FAQs. Read and digest, slowly.

Aggression and Criminal Flagging
Deja Thoris's guide to criminal flagging and aggression in high security space. Find out what happens when you shoot someone in non-0.0 territory.

Ombey's 2D Maps
A maintained and up to date set of maps that make the eve universe easier to see. A must see for anyone wanting to know their surroundings.

EVE Compendium
Comprehensive collection of guides, a must have!

Covert Portal Guide
Guide to using a Black Ops Covert Jump Portal.