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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This page is for players who are interested in trying PVP solo and otherwise. It was originally created by Malik Fett.

Things you should know:[edit]

1. Don't fly a ship you can't afford to lose.
2. Don't be afraid to lose your ship, in fact losing ships is the best way to get better at PVP.
3. Start Small. Frigate PVP is alive and well. Build 20 of your favorite frigate and sacrifice them all to the pvp gods.
5. Don't expect to be good right away. A good way to get practice with mechanics is to duel other new people at your starting station in high sec.
4. Join a teaching corporation like Brave Newbies, Red vs Blue, or Rifterlings. They will help you in more ways that I can begin to describe here.
5. Watch PVP streamers on
6. Keep on keeping on. It is easy to get discouraged by PVP in EVE, but if you keep at it for a few months you will get better! So get back out there!
7. Check your favorite pvper's Killboard for ship fittings to try.

Frigate PVP Skill Trees for EVEmon[edit]

First download EVEmon and set it up with your characters API. If you have no clue what I am talking about, a quick google search should help you figure it out. Next choose a race and start training those skills! If you are not sure which race you want to fly, I suggest gallente. These skill trees will help you get started and if you are diligent enough to finish one, you will have a GREAT base for cross training into many other ships.


I will be updating this over the next week or more so check back