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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Icon11 01.png
Name OPUS Alliance
Ticker OPUS
Type 0.0 / Low-Sec
Founded May 12th, 2005
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Aslon Seridith
Diplomat(s) Aslon Seridith
Flying Condor
Public Channel OPUS Public
Website www.opus-alliance.com
Executor Brave New World
Members Vulcan Foundry
Creep Fleet Inc
Comparative Advantage
Tap Dat Asteroid
Kotar Engineering

Formed out of war[edit]

A pirate corp called Milantropic Association of Dissidents [MAD] declared war on Brave New World [B-N-W] to ransom their "Mega Pulse Laser II"-BPO. Brave New World refused and so a war began between these 2 corporations. Tri Optimum [TriOps] who heared about the war came to help [B-N-W] but Concord prevented them to interfere in empire. Therefore [TriOps] declared war aswell and joined the battlefield with [B-N-W]
After heavy losses on both sides and long fights, [MAD] gave up and retracted their war.

Brave New World and Tri Optimum, whose ties we're strengthed during the war, decided to form an alliance which would bring freedom to the low security systems Maut and Alparena.

OPUS Alliance was formed on the 12 of May, 2005.

Split between Placid and 0.0[edit]

More and more smaller corporations joined, but the alliance got into conflict to unite over different interests. Political structures, like an alliance council were established to give each member corporation an equal say. Although in principle being the right approach, the democratic structures weren't enough to resolve mistrust and the competition between the organizational principles by which the corporations managed themselves. When OPUS, lead by Tri Optimum, further went into 0.0 space via Torrinos/Lonetrek into the Pure Blind region in the mid of 2005's, quarrel increased amongst members, mainly because of the higher demands of living in 0.0 space. Separate social communities in Placid and Pure Blind made it even harder. Finally the alliance broke apart, with Tri Optimum, CMX Logistics and Stoners Inc. leaving OPUS, while Brave New World and God's Army Corp remained.

Struggle in Pure Blind[edit]

Despite the political conflicts around a unified PVP-strategy to successfully invade 0.0-space, the awakened interest in the challenging 0.0 environment went on and OPUS re-started attempts in Pure Blind when CCP introduced the so called "New World Order". Placid was by then directly connected with 0.0 space and OPUS settled into 5ZXX of Mordus Legion. It was an area where Tri Optimum, CMX and Brave New World fought alongside Razor, IRON and [G]-Alliance months before. The comfortable situation at 5ZXX initially made learning the dangers of 0.0 space easier, but after some months the progress slowed down and new challenges were in need. A temporary souvereignity claiming project was not satisfying. It was by that time, that the so called northern pact was still intact but when EC- was overrun by a huge invasion of Ascendant Frontier everything changed. Collaboration with many local Pure Blind citizens arose, among which Forsaken Empire gave OPUS a helping hand by setting positive standings and giving docking rights. However F-E's political position was disputed and later resulted in a flip-flop towards the north.

Rising in Deklein[edit]

The north got shaken by the invasion of ASCN and resulted in the formation of the Dusk and Dawn [D2] alliance, built out of the PVP-forces of [G] and the economical power of TRUST. IRON got in organizational trouble and finally went back into empire, leaving a wealthy region abandoned to its citizens, but also open to any party willing to take-over. By this time many alliances jumped in to defend the empty space, including OPUS, and a multi-alliance coalition was formed, the Northern Freedom Coalition (NFC).

A short time of prosperity and incredible wealth followed, but the fast build-up of NFC took its toll. Civil war broke out with FLA because of quarrel over POS-mining policies. With FLA demanding an autonomy, what NFC could not tolerate, FLA split from the coalition and the former friend turned into a major enemy, additionally to continuous smaller threats. Hard coordination among the many alliances in the coalition soon forced NFC into a full alliance. While OPUS being the only completely german-speaking community in NFC they technically remained separate while politically becoming a full part of NFC (with the Vice-president of NFC coming from OPUS-side and executor rights on both sides). However, when Burn Eden and later IRON joined the fight for Deklein on enemy-side, the breakdown of the 3 month-era in Deklein began. With defensive power being spread among too many cooperative shoulders (NFC, Sparta, D2, ...) and a clever misinformation of the public by opponents finally the compact entity IRON managed to break in. Shortly after NFC collapsed completely loosing stations due to lacking capital ship capabilities and having spent too much efforts and member motivation on previous peace negotiations (which was major result due to high treason within the NFC chain of command but also due to the opponents lack of a civilized negotiations). As one of the last man standings OPUS fought until the last station in VFK of the NFC was taken over, mostly being unaffected by the deception campaigns due to their language independence. The pattern of being in the passive defenders position would from here on be a role OPUS often repeated. With the NFC left-overs finally breaking apart, OPUS declared restarted its individual journey.

Invitation to Scalding Pass[edit]

As a result from the disappointments of allied forces and due to the collapse of the initially harmonic NFC-experiment there was no more trust in a working collaboration with any partner in the north. So OPUS looked for new opportunities in completely new regions and finally found in [Veritas Immortalis] a reliable but especially in contrast to NFC, initially self-sustainable partner. After a certain time of cooperation with Veritas OPUS got the offer to use and defend the conquerable station of JL0 in Scalding Pass. Defending it against attacks from Goonswarm and Red Alliance from time to time initially was accomplished without big effort. However Goonswarms will for an own territory was strong and well-known by previous attempts against Dusk and Dawn. Finally in collaboration with their partner Red Alliance the capital ship capabilities took down vast POS-defence in JL0 and taking over the station, which still contains belongings of OPUS being sold at the market from time to time.

Jump into the New Regions[edit]

13. April 2007 - 16. July 2007: After a temporary drawback into empire space to Gelfiven in Minmatar Space several further 0.0 engagements started in the new regions leading OPUS to settle in the interestingly named system 0PU2-R. But the souvereignity of the long-time unclaimed space lead to a conflict with Dark Matter Coalition, finally resulting in a relatively autonomous residency agreement. However, as a regular residency did not suffice for a long time, especially in the need of PVP, OPUS started claiming space again, this time in 6FS at the entrance of the New Regions. Here OPUS encountered Frost Alliance as friendly neighbours having taken some space from previously OPUS members Deep1. The friendly relations deepened and finally Frost merged as an equal partner into OPUS with the corporations German Kings and TOHA Heavy Industries. In the meantime the great war in the eve universe came to a slow down and Smash together with Roadkill rediscovered their interest in the New Regions. The following invasion of OPUS territory was inevitable, with numbers being 1:15 against OPUS. Although OPUS managed in a spontaneous collaboration with others taking down some capitals of Smash and RK in roughly the same amount of ISK-losses comparable to the lost POSes, the war against the strength of the enemy was too overwhelming to resist. Despite the loss, the new membership power onboard OPUS enabled a new invasion in a completely new territory. After some time of checking alternatives under the lead of German Kings OPUS made steps towards a direction close to its roots.

Return to Gallente - Cloud Ring[edit]

August 2007 - October 2007 OPUS smoothly invades Regalia constellation in Outer Ring establishing a new resort, TOHA switches to BRUCE. When GERKI finally leave due to inner conflicts, the well known depression over a too small force arises again, Invasions from ??? lead to a final retreat of OPUS into empire space: Osmeden - the place where it all started.

E Pluribus Unum?[edit]

On 24. October 2007 the members of the three veteran corporations: Brave New World, God's Army Corp and Old-Mens-Club decided to unite and merge into a single corporation, Trinitas Inc. Leaving a long history behind this fusioned corporation had all support and perfect conditions on their side for a promising start but broke down around 3 months later. This experience shows that creating a so called 'critical mass' by merging everything is not always working better than tradition.

OPUS Alliance then fell into cryosleep, only being maintained by someone with it from the beginnings. A lost soul who has always been in favor with Jovian connections. In this unclear situation OPUS seemed to be timewarping sensing galactic developments, it has all experienced before.

The comeback![edit]

In the Forge a small flame grew in the beginning of 2008. Steadily the alliance grew to 200 members as it had before and more OPUS warriors were then seen in Geminate, Curse and Molden Heath. Rumours were that OPUS is on a Black Rise caldari region. But the movement stopped and diminished after a severe corp theft incident and as a precaution of safety for a titan of a member the alliance was put into cryosleep again and now in property of its very first fleet commander Cadster - a former vet of the executor.