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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Tech 2 Ogre is one of two most damage dealing (player controlled) drones in game used by sub capital ships. The other contender being the Augmented Ogre, is so rare and (therefore) expensive that in practice Ogre II stands unrivaled when it comes to "most pure DPS spat out of a Heavy attack drone".

Then again, in practice the Ogre II along with its' tech 1 counterpart Ogre I are the slowest of the heavy attack drones. Making their high raw DPS less attractive as it is being negated by a long period of time before the drone reaches its' target.

Another fine point to take into account is that most drones do specific damage types. Exceptions being: Fighters, Integrated drones and Augmented drones. All of which do dual damage types. Being a Gallente drone, the Ogre II does thermal damage.

Another (though much more ignored) fine point of the Ogre II (and all Gallente drones for that matter) is that its' main defensive barrier is its' armor layer, which does not restore itself with time. That means, that if your Ogre got damaged you will need to dock to repair it. Although most players ignore this point because if a drone is attacked it usually gets destroyed very fast anyway. Caldari drones have an advantage in this regard, because their main defensive layer is shields (typical to everything Caldari).