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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

New Player Experience: Opportunities Abound[edit]

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Aura pops up in space immediately after character creation. Opportunity Aura
Corresponding text appears on the left below system location information. Opportunity text

Now what?

Opportunities Map[edit]

Clicking on the Accept button or on the three dots to Show all opportunities replaces the pop up message from Aura with another pop up window: the Opportunities Map

  • Hovering the mouse cursor over any opportunity will change the text in the Opportunities Map window and the corresponding text in the main screen on the left below system location information.
  • Clicking on an opportunity will highlight it and instructions appear for completing it.
  • Upon completion, Aura will present another opportunity if any remain to complete.

Let's Get Moving[edit]

Right-clicking on something in EVE frequently presents its context menu. Let's Get Moving

Using Station Services[edit]


Docking icons
Flying in space is fun, but eventually docking at a station is also useful. The opportunity Use Station Services starts off with docking at a station. Finding a station in the vastness of space can be daunting. The Overview helps with that. Look for the indicated station icon. Click on the station. Then, in the Selected Item window, click on the Dock action.

Buy From the Market[edit]

Early on, most Rookies have very low ISK balances and little knowledge of which items will be of later use. The Buy From the Market opportunity can be delayed until having read the Market wiki page or other similar resources, or until necessity forces a purchase from the Market for a specific item.

Learning Skills[edit]

Inject a New Skill[edit]

This opportunity says, "New skills can be acquired from the Market." While it is true that skill books are sold on the Market, they are rarely priced affordably for new Rookies. Instead, onwards to the Not As New Player Experience

Not As New Player Experience[edit]

Career Agents[edit]

Rookies can have fun and easily earn audacious mission rewards from Career Agents at 12 sytems. These rewards include skill books, ships, currency known as ISK, and other useful toys. Both the skill books and ISK can be used to complete New Player Experience: Opportunities Abound opportunities.

Additional Resources[edit]

New Player Training Sessions and Guides are good reference material also available in EVElopedia.