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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Player Controlled Opux Luxury Yachts - Of the many Luxury Yachts that exist in the universe, two are player-controllable. One was acquired during an event, during which Iece Quaan boarded it after an actor ejected from it. The ship was subsequently purchased by Voogru and is still under his possession. The second was given out by CCP to a couple from New Zealand known in-game as Caytlyn Rose and Ramius Monteagne, who got engaged on the stage at the 2005 Fanfest and are now married.

NPC Controlled Opux Luxury Yachts - A third is unflyable and owned by NPC Mamo Guerre currently in orbit of one of the moons in the Lirsautton system. The fourth one appears as "Pleasure Cruiser" after taking the first acceleration gate for the Gallente COSMOS mission entitled "Tourist Run (1 of 2)." Society of Conscious Thought is also in possession of the Opux Luxury Yacht, as noted on the Sisters of EVE Epic Arc mission, "the Sisters and the Spy." Lastly one can be found docked in every Roden Center as a "Duvolle Labs Pleasure Cruiser." Roden Center locations are at beacons in system Scheenins and Seyllin and many other planatary systems across the galaxy. There maybe other Opux yachts visible in the galaxy.

Opux Screenshot
Opux Screenshot

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