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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


High Sec

This fitting is for 0.5 security systems and above. It has a moderately strong hybrid shield tank. It also maximizes the storage capacity. The tank will not hold up to any prolonged onslaught and a player in a measly frigate will likely be able to break it, provided he survives (or shoots down) your drones. Do not get overconfident.

High Slots
Medium Slots
  • 1x Survey Scanner II
  • 1x any large shield extender
  • 2x region specific shield hardeners
Low Slots
Rig Slots


  • 10x any small drones


Uses and special abilities

The orca is used for three major tasks boosting and hauling during corp mining ops, hauling ships and assets around New Eden, and as a movable pos like structure in Low sec and WH space.

The orcas's four holds make it stand out from the rest of the ships that fly the space ways.

  • The ore hold can only carry ore and cannot be expanded. It is used during mining ops and when transporting ore to be sold at a higher price in a near by system.
  • The cargo hold like on all ships is expandable using cargo optimization rigs and expanded cargoholds. It can be used to haul anything.
  • The ships maintanance bay is used to hold a few fitted ships if you need to move them with out flying them. Having this bay also allows corpmates to refit their ships without going back to a station. Its contents will not show up on kill mails.
  • The Corporation Hanger works like any corp hanger and can be controled using Corp roles. Unless you are using the orca in WH space or 0.0 to refit ships it is just more room to store stuff that you need to haul around. A special feature of a corp hanger is that its contents will not show up on kill mails.

Recommended Skills

Above and beyond the skills required to pilot the ship and use the appropriate modules, these skills will help you maximize your role.


Additional Images

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