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Name Ordo Quaesitoris
Ticker [OQ]

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Rumors abound around the organization, as little is known even though so many years have passed already since then. Proofs show that the Ordo was involved in both wars in the Bleak Lands against the Minmatar helping PIE and other loyalist corporations, as well as trying to bring peace to the wars between the Darabi and Miyan Holders, and protecting Brother Joshua of the Speakers of Truths. They have even entered the war against the Tribal Liberation Force. Still, other rumors point out to shady deals with traitors and heretics, asking questions that are not Holy or appropriate, or even spying. Certainly, that they ask questions is something no one can deny. That is what they do, how they "defend the Amarr Empire" as they reply when asked about it.

Prominent Members[edit]

Initial History[edit]

Their story is not clear, and they won't talk about it publicly. No one really knows where it comes from, though persistent rumors point to the Emperor Family. Their deals and workings are unclear, and only some of them are known clearly.

Their first known op took place during the Navy moves into the Bleak Lands, for what was known as the first Bleak Lands Campaign. Together with many of the other Amarr loyalist corporations, they took part in the operations that took place then, helping fight back the Minmatarr with the little resources they had at the moment.

There follow a few months with no news about them at all or their dealings. They reappear during the Holder Wars that placed Lord Darabi and Lord Miyan in opposing sides of the fence due to a honor offense. The Ordo played a neutral party during that conflict, striving to obtain a peaceful resolution to the conflict that would be for the best of both sides. It was due to an idea of both Sepherim and Amann Karris (who later joined the Ordo) that the Peace Summit was held, and their dealings afterwards brought to the light the way in which Lord Darabi was being able to be victorious in the battlefield.

More months are required with no news about them until the Kor-Azor crisis during which Brother Joshua appeared to control the chaos Aritcio Kor-Azor was extending. The Ordo quickly took sides with Brother Joshua, and participated in his protection during all the moves he did, together with other loyalist parties. In fact, together with PIE Inc., it was the only loyalist corporation present in a secret meeting with the Speaker of Truth, though neither them nor PIE Inc. talk about it usually.

A Journey in the Dark[edit]

But maybe the strangest of all events related to them took place during the ending of their first summer. Sepherim led a small fleet of Ordo ships that gathered all their pilots except for Smurfette and Sardoniac. Together they entered the gate from Mabnen to Hedion... and vanished completely. They never reached the other side. They were officially considered deceased on a gate error, and the story of the Ordo seemed to end there, since both Sardoniac and Smurfette seemed pretty unreachable at the time.

But then, more than a month later, Sepherim's ship reappeared in the Mimen gate, with its hull almost completely destroyed. In the worst condition a ship can still fly, it made it somehow back to Mabnen where Sepherim was sent into hospitalization directly. He was in coma for more than a week and when he awoke he didn't remember anything of what had happened during those two months.

Arisen from the Ashes[edit]

The Ordo reopened their doors soon after, and started recruiting again. Recovery took some time, but the strength of the corporation soon grew to achieve once again the status it had before the disappearance. Some things seemed somewhat changed, though, but no one really could really tell what exactly.

The Ordo participated in the defense of the Bleak Lands during the second Bleak Lands Campaign at the service of the 7th Fleet directed by Admiral Saracen. They were in the area, fighting, scouting and securing Advanced Defense Units for months, until the flow of enemies decreased and it became rather useless to still secure places that were attacked no more. Finally, the campaign reached a silent end when Saracen got called back by Chancellor Karsoth, and with it the participation of the Ordo in those events.

Still, that was not the end of war in the Bleak Lands, as soon after war erupted when the Minmatar Republic invaded amarrian space. When the call of the 24th Imperial Crusade was made, the Ordo was there to answer to it, and started fighting and organizing almost from the first days in the Bleak Lands again against the enemies of the Empire. The Empire War had begun.

That caused the destruction of the Ordo Magna, the alliance the Ordo Quaesitoris had created together with the Ordo Ars Scientia, which had to be dropped because alliances couldn't join in the war.

For many months, the Ordo fought in the frontlines of war, without stop. Some of its members even got some renown for it, like Gaun Arel, who was granted a medal by Heir Yonis Ardishapur for his efforts during the reconquering of the Kourmonen system.

This is the reason that many were surprised to find out that Sepherim had been detained by the Ministry of Internal Order. Deprived of his leader, the Council of Sephiroths took a step forward in leading the corporation into the future with an even stronger vision.

The Ascension[edit]

The detention forced the Council of Sephiroths to guide the corporation into a new direction in order to keep on defending the Empire as they always had. It was no longer possible to do it as they had without him, and a new point of view was required. Of course, they didn't interfere with the judgement that was taking place, but they could no longer cooperate in the same way as they had once the mutual trust had been broken.

Thus, the Ordo Quaesitoris broke away from the 24th Imperial Crusade and once again started to walk on its own. It was time to bring back the Ordo Magna into existence. They also decided to open the doors to the recruitment of races out of the Amarrian standard as equals and not only slaves.

With the apparition of the anomalies, they soon sent an expedition into w-space in order to analyze the situation there. The decision on how to act about them is still not set, but they have arisen a good amount of interest inside the corporation. In such an exploration they remained for some time, until Sepherim was judged and freed by the Theology Council, condemning him to the Penitent path.

The joy for the return of the Keter was broken when the White Rose Society declared war on the Ordo Magna as a whole. The war wasn't long or too deadly, with a small amount of losses on both sides, and was finally canceled by Vikarion's corporation.

The Third Year[edit]

The birthday of the Ordo Quaesitoris came in the midst of some internal problems, but none that could hinder the corporation's functioning. Instead, the organization kept growing, formalizing and deepening in itself, strengthened by those same internal conflicts. Together with that, the number of members kept growing as it had done before, bringing the most important wealth a corporation can have: pilots.

That gave the corporation the chance to send some of their members into the recently formed Ordo Peregrinus, which was rejoining the war against the Minmatarr in the Bleak Lands. Thus, once again they entered the 24th Imperial Crusade and set off to recover the space the Empire should rightfully own.


Sepherim, founder of the Ordo Quaesitoris, after long and distinguished service to the Empire, became a monk and returned to the deserts of Mabnen to seek rest and forgiveness. The Ordo consolidated, splitting off its militia branch Ordo Peregrinus. The Ordo Nigrorum Susurri (ONSU) found new leadership under LadyZelda.

Ordo Quaesitoris in the News[edit]

News stories about some of the events the Ordo Quaesitoris has participated in:

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Kuormonen Campaign Medals

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Contacting the Ordo[edit]

Their public database is: Ordo Quaesitoris
Their public in-game channel is: Quaesitor