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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Additional Information

The Osprey is a change in pace from Caldari Frigates. While the frigates would do only one specific job and do it well, the Osprey manages to do several different tasks at the same time and suprisingly do them well.

First off, the Osprey is a decent mining ship, far better than the Bantam frigate. A larger cargohold, larger dronebay and an impressive yield bonus allow it to harvest ore quickly and still be able to defend itself from roving NPC rats. Even after fitting three mining lasers it retains a fourth highslot that can be used for a smartbomb or more commonly a single assault missile launcher to help kill rats faster (and allow mining drones to be carried to increase harvesting even more).

The second role the Osprey excels at is as a cheap logistics ship. While it does not have the bonuses of its T2 counterpart the Basilisk, it still has range and capacitor consumption bonuses to remote shield projectors, meaning that it can do credible amounts of remote repping on a budget.

Additional Images

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