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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Pandemic Legion
Ticker -10.0
Type 0.0
Founded January 17th, 2007
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Shamis Orzoz
Public Channel
Executor Pandemic Execs
Members Sniggerdly
Pandemic Execs
North Eastern Swat
Blood Covenant
Van Diemen's Demise
Habitual Euthanasia
Body Count Inc.
Blackwater USA Inc.
Hoover Inc.
Tr0pa de elite.
and various other alt corporations


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Pandemic Legion is a PVP Alliance that relies on refined tactics, discipline and high skill point pilots. Its signature tactic for the last couple of years has been the destruction of much larger forces using long range HAC fleets. In more recent times it has made a habit of Doomsdaying hostiles and friendlies on occasions or engaging with its extensive capital fleets. It has perfected the use of Armour HACs and the Fist of Rape formation. The most recent innovations include the Abaddon Hellcat fleet already copied widely and the more specialised and expensive Thundercats T3 fleet.

Pandemic Legion currently holds no sovereignty having held Fountain; acquired in 2008 during a campaign against BRUCE. It was lost after a brief campaign to IT and pets, thus allowing all of the Alliance to return to its nomadic roots.

Run as a dictatorship, PL does not suffer the inertia of more democratic Alliances, which allows for rapid decision making by its executor. Having most recently served as a leading Alliance in Delve War II, which culminated in the defeat of BoB/KenZoku, it is now returning to its roots by engaging the whole of EVE having reset standings with about 99% of it!

Pandemic Legion has fielded a team in five Alliance Tournaments, reaching the finals in IV and the semi finals in V, before going on to become champions of VI; a title which they successfully defended in VII and won again, for the third consecutive time in 2010 at AT8.



Campaigns against BoB[edit]

  • BoB were pushed back to Feythabolis and the fledgling PL went to Delve to terrorize locals. BOS joined PL officially during the Delve compaign.
  • Moving to Stain, BoB allies RISE are defeated and operations are conducted with Goons. Mr Rive gets griefed to within inches of quitting by SE pilots.
  • PL deploys AFK PoS 'geddons and multi-day cloak camping while destroying RISE, which are later adopted by all and sundry. Shortly after they move to Fountain assist Morsus Mihi in evicting various BoB pets.
  • The MC heavily defeats northern alliances, so PL moves to Venal helping RAZOR/MM to survive the onslaught. During this time PL & RAZOR kill a mothership and become allies. After the completion of this successful campaign, PL move back to Delve for an assault on BoB. BLABS joins PL and creates its industrial backbone.

Conquest of Fountain[edit]

  • Following a period of internal disruption, the ever restless Alliance moves to Fountain during a period of relative peace in EVE. During the Fountain campaign a combination of GoonSwarm, BoB, BURN EDEN and most effectively PL, result in the demise of BRUCE. Another Alliance helping at the time are SoT who go on to be close Allies. Using the riches of the region PL acquire funding for and the ability to build Titans, several of them. Later, OSHIT, SAS and OMNOR join the Alliance. Fountain is later invaded by Daisho Syndicate who fail to survive the engagement.
  • PL moves to the North-East for 2-3 weeks, resets standings with Goons and pretty much everyone else, amasses a huge number of kills and essentially upsets anyone and everyone. Fountain is invaded by another alliance, The Requiem, who meet the same fate as the previous invaders and are comprehensively destroyed. PL consolidates its powerbase by conquering all the high end moons in Cloud Ring, Syndicate and Outer Ring with a few minor exceptions.
  • Following a second failure by the Northern Coalition to BoBs MAX campaign, PL heads North to assist. In a matter of weeks the NC pushes BoB back, leading them to abandon their war in the North. Returning to Fountain, PL cull the weak pets from the region whilst enjoying their tears. This proves so successful that a campaign of griefing and over-expansion is carried out in order to bait new attackers.

Delve War II[edit]

  • In January 2009, internal disagreements see the Alliance split between Fountain and Curse, where BoB have commenced a fresh campaign against GoonSwarm in the south. This causes internal dissent, particularly by pilots left in Fountain when the players in Curse successfully bait and kill a Band of Brothers titan on a joint operation with GoonFleet.
  • With the dramatic closure of BoB, PL moved to Delve along with SoT, TCF, GS, RAZOR and MM and thereby sparking the second Delve War which resulted in the destruction of KenZoku, the Alliance formed from BoB's ashes. With the victory celebrations including 27 Titans destroying intentionally destroying a friendly capital ship a new era has begun.

Post War[edit]

  • In September 2009, long term Tau Ceti Federation corporation Section XIII joined PL following disagreements within their alliance. They left after several months citing internal issues following the loss of Fountain.

Fountain Invasion[edit]

  • In November 2009, IT Alliance attacked Fountain which Pandemic Legion was sharing with Sons of Tangra. Despite strong numbers early in the campaign, morale begane to wane and Pandemic Legion numbers dropped. The onslaught was only slowed with the assistance of Goonswarm. By early 2010, IT Alliance had captured all Sons of Tangra stations and stood ready to take the Pandemic Legion stations. In the Battle of Y-2ANO, IT alliance and allies dealt a massive blow to Pandemic Legion killing four of its Titans. A considerable number of capitals were lost and almost exclusively to a black screen having never entered system, or having been logged off in excess of the required cool down period.


  • Having been freed from industry and sovereignty mechanics PL moved to Geminate and proceeded to have fun again. During this period the Fist of PL was honed and despite fighting outnumbered, PL destoyed enemies with armour HACs. Internal dissent saw The Illuminati & FCUK leave PL at this time.

The Plight of the New Guardes[edit]

Stay a while, and listen. And i shall tell you the story of the War of all wars, new guarde vs olde guarde, oshitters vs sniggers.

It all started when the great finlander got so burned out of killing BOBbits that he walked into the wild for some time. Enter two heroes, young and naive, The Italian stallion Gobbins and Jogyn the Conqueror, desperately trying to fill a pair of rather large, gay boots.

They quickly started 0wning in the region of curse, Gobbins with his bomber fleets and dominix fleets. Jogyn with more conventional PL fleets such as geddons with no guardians. Their main enemy was NestorX85 of the Atlas alliance, Padawan of the coward Bobby the atlas, well known for never ever engaging.

Good times were shared, and it was a relaxing era for the Legion, who fought shoulder to shoulder with their bros TNT alliance and their friends Goonfleet foreign legion.

Enter saint schala, Olde guarde deluxe, well known for the rage quitting PL twice and stealing everything the 2nd time (alas this was 2 yeasr before). Saint schala camped a lowsec gate when the young capsuleer Anuqet jumped in, and as he did a wild 4 battleships started owning poor saint schala. Saint schala then selfdestructed and got very very smacked.

Alas, saint schala was not alone. Aiding him, the notorious SNIGGWAFFES that i no longer remember the name of, but i bet zentral was one of them. In a huge 20 pages thread people were madly screaming in each others faces, about honour and stupidity, and this is when Viper/professor snape first took a stance against the Olde guarde and even Saint shcala supporter Tobruk was chocked. At this time even the famous GrathTelkin was a hater.

Saint schala then ragequit Snigg, resulting in a small but bloody success for the heroes of the new guarde. Yes, they did vanquish SaintSchala, but they did it with a bang, and as such, they had awaken the queen of olde guarde.

Mazziliu, sworn enemy of all that is good, set a plan in motion. Operation It Is Not Funny Any More (OIINFAM)

And such, our young hero was silenced. High on their victory, the olde guarde celebrated. More anti Gobbins threads were made, and the former enemys of Mr rive and Narciss sevar teamed up against the Italian Stallion.

And this time, my friends, is known as the dark ages. A time of terror and dispair. A time of losing lowsec dyspro moons.

In painfull realisation, the olde guarde realised that Jogyn had to be freed, so he could unite with his bro the gobbins and save the legions crumbling jewgold empire.

And save it they did, and more.

With Nestorx85 atlas hordes crushed, the legion looked to the north east. Viper silver tongue had whispered words sweet as nectar in the ears of great leader shamis orzoz. To cloud ring we went, and times were good. A new hero emerged, Elendar the elf, and with him the Triumvirate of Euro owners was completed.

With viper shizzle leading US tz solo with surprising effect and EU tz triumvirate with help of spymasters mankell grenze and even xxxangelxxx we crushed. SOT alliance and ev0ke was also around, even cry havoc, this we shall not forget.

Ownage was had. And the old guarde were grinding their teeth in silence.

IT alliance invades fountain ending the chill. Team oshit is put in charge of the defense, since we were after all the best of the best, alas there is nothing to be done by the hordes of ITs. In a valiant move, typical of brave leader shamis, y-2 happends and bloodied and dying we move to Geminate.

Somewhere around here OSHIT leaves on good terms and with their head hold high. Grath joins SNIGG, Gobbins own other places, mankell takes farewell and heads to fountain/gk and the triumvirate of euro own joins NESW.

Times are grim. Wizstecia (not getting enough cred for this) is the only one leading fleets and only getting 11 in gang. Times are grim indeed, olde guard nor new guard is anywhere to be seen.

When suddenly, like gandalf the great finlander re appears for some time, and he brings with him the armor hacs. A couple of team RUS motherships killed later we are back in form.

Enter fintroll aka billymerc aka the creater of pandemic mercs. "WELL HI HELLO VUK LAU, GIVE US 100B AND WE SAVE YOU FROM MAX2" he boldly says. And vuk lau wildly respons "o0k!"

Off to delve we go. Uncertain on this US newguarde fintroll, EU tz makes piece with him and much 0wnage is had. So much ownage is had that even grathtelkin buries the hatchet, and while keeping a respectful distance, even tobruk joins in.

Alas, watching all this ownage and good times, the olde guardes do not like it! King of olde guarde banning and being gay, theadj comes back from inactivity! Mad with loosing an entire faction deathstar constellation with 150 posses, he is looking for some1 to kill.

And he finds slackjawed, the new snigg logistical duder. And he bans him. And he bans him again. And then again.

Desperatly, the new guardes send an petition to great leader shamis. And in a shocking turn of events, shamis strips adj of his admin. Adj, mad without power, rage quits.

RAZORGOON phreze joins the ranks of the new guardes. ELISE RANDOLF joins the ranks of the new guardes. GOBBINS returns. The remnants of the olde guarde fades away, and they pretend they were never olde guarde to begin with, much like nazis after ww2 pretending they liked the jew all along.

Brofists all around.

And that my friend, is the story of good and evil, and how new guarde beated the olde guarde, and is now running the alliance.


  • In April 2010 a new phase began with the Alliance being hired to damage IT infrastructure, specifically CSAAs, capital ships and ratters. The figures speak for themselves:
Ship Type Killed Lost
Titans 2 0
Super-Carriers 7 0
Carrier 93 8
Dreadnought 24 12
Battleship 843 214
Battlecruiser 551 84
Heavy Assault 283 118
Strategic Cruiser 29 8
Scrubships 3118 1136
Motherships in Build 2 0

In 50 days the PL-led invasion of the South resulted in the takeover of 28 enemy POS and 2 CSAAS.

April 2010 saw two corporations join PL; ElitistOps, former Goonswarm Black Ops corps and TunDraGon, veteran pirates. PL moved to Curse in June 2010 and S.A.S re-joined PL at this time.

Supercap Legion[edit]

Utilising the impressive fire-power offered by motherships to great effect, June saw the rise of Supercap Legion's activity. Totals for June 10 -July 14, essentially the first months full activity:

Ship Type Supercap Kills Fleet Kills Grand Total
Jump Freighters 26 (1) 0 26
Rorquals 8 1 9
Orcas 0 4 4
Carrier 22 22 44
Dreadnought 2 8 10
Motherships 1 (2) 3 (3) 4
  1. 15 Anshars, 6 Arks, 4 Nomads, 1 Rhea
  2. Hel
  3. 2 x Nyx, Aeon



Atlas renters Honourable Templum of Alcedonia became the focus of attention in July 2010. They brought endless entertainment for a week or so with scrub-fleets and died in droves. Despite requests for assistance from Atlas/AAA etc which initially amounted to capital blobs reinforcing the PL POS in TTP-2B they promptly imploded and gave further kills with their shambolic evacuation attempts. The final offensive push from their landlord occured on 10 Jul 10 when the station was due to flip. PL's Fist was applied to the massed forces (approx 500) and some superb bombing by Goons which resulted in spectacular losses to Atlas/AA sub-capital fleet in system, the lack of capital support is attributed to their super capital & capital losses a few days earlier. Stations were also gained in 1V-LI2 & 4-CM8I for entertainment value.

The first two weeks proved fruitful with some 4,500+ kills. HTA joined the list of Alliances destroyed by PL on 18 July 2010.

Atlas Contract[edit]


PL were then hired by Red Alliance/WN/XIX to clear Insmother of Atlas and renters. BOSS, an Alliance that lived out of POS in GDHN-K were eliminated in short order after upsetting Narctoic XIII. This was followed by The Reckoning who boasted about how they would fight & then did not. During this phase the contract was expanded to the destruction of Atlas regardless of location.

A number of station systems were also captured including EUU-4N, 3AE-CP, MOCW-2 and a considerable amount of effort was expended rape-caging 0-W778 in an effort to gain some good fights. Once this fell Atlas retreated back to 77S8-E and were surprised to find their jammer dropped by a Grath Telkin suicide gang on day one. This left the system wide open and a few hours later Atlas lost another Titan and Super-Carrier in system. They then issued orders to re-group to OMIST where AXDX-F received the same treatment. At this point they began negotiating a surrender.

Surrender Agreement[edit]

  • Collateral: Atlas to pay 65b and XIX to pay 115b to Chribba
  • Tribute: 2 titans and 3 motherships to be transferred through Chribba to RA/WN/XIX
  • PL to stand down and their contract should finish when the deal is complete
  • Atlas will drop Atlas Alliance name - ensuring they join the list of Alliances Destroyed by PL

Victory Day 29th of August 2010 over Atlas empire.

Ship Type Killed Lost
Titans 2 0
Super-Carriers 4 0
Carrier 45 2
Dreadnought 19 0
Battleship 466 45
Battlecruiser 496 98
Heavy Assault 179 122
Strategic Cruiser 33 9
Scrubships 3288 840

GK inc. joined PL on 27 Aug 10, this had no connection with the fall of Atlas.

Providence/Against All Authorities[edit]

September saw PL moving to Assah to begin a short assault on KBP7-G and a counter contract to protect the surviving CSAA in the system. The mercinaries Noir. were contracted to attack PL in Providence but were of no significance.

-A- (Against ALL Authorities) were the next targets on contract, the affected regions were Catch and Impass and a loose NAP controlling them of AAA/ROL/SE/COVEN/UK. These actions were carried out working alongside Initiative Mercenaries (IM). -A- initially refused to engage so the CSAA heavy MY-W1V was assaulted and no less than 17 titans/supercaps were aborted (or none if you were the defenders) in order to obtain some good fights. The only defence offered was on two POS which were missed in the initial assault. In order to elicit a response, their capital GE-8JV was sieged and this resulted in combat operations 14 September onwards when -A- and allies actually turned up in numbers.

Sadly for -A-, IT Alliance began attacking HED-GP at the same time as they started logging in to fight PL and Init.

On 16 Sep 10 the remaining active player base of Habitual Euthanasia joined PL on a trial basis following the closure of Cry Havoc. (C H)

Feythabolis Contract[edit]

A new contract required a move south to capture sovereignty for Red Alliance/Legion of xXDEATHXx/White Noise. This contract took considerably longer than expected and though successful, WAS HELLA GAY AND SUCKED DICKS AND saw the Titan/supercapital kill tally climb as well as the ownership of them increase as they were the fee.


Late October 2010 saw PL move to Venal for good fights and a small contract to distract NC from the drone regions which was achieved by capturing Technethium moons. This brought NC fleets of 500 to re-enforce the new towers who were promptly blue-balled. More super-captials were killed.

NibbleTek joined PL on 7 November 2010.

Deklein Coalition Contract[edit]

Late January 2011 saw PL move to Deklein on contract to IT. This appears to have been IT's last gasp before imploding and bringing the contract to a close. Genos Occidere join PL on 25 Jan 2011 their time with the legion was short-lived and the returned to Hydra Reloaded in late March.

Moon ISK[edit]

Following IT's implosion many Alliances began a land grab in Delve & Querious, the Legion took the opportunity to acquire income through moon mining and the chance to kill many thousands of Drakes of Atlas, -A- , Red Overlord, FAIL and another alliances, usually in the order of 20. For reasons unknown this loose coalition simply brought an army of drakes every day and died in their hundreds everyday. This saw the Abaddon heavy Hellcat fleets in constant use, and were soon copied for use elsewhere. The killboard and the Alliance wallet looked very healthy.

DRF Contract[edit]

The beginning of April 2011 saw the legion moving North under contract to DRF in Geminate providing US timezone coverage in operations against the NC. During this campaign PL's Thundercat fleet was revealed, making Pandemic Legion the first Alliance fielding a dedicated T3 fleet. With the DPS coming from Tengus, and a dedicated mix of other ship types they proved to be devastatingly effective repeatedly inflicting massively one-sided defeats on their opponents. By the end of April most Vale of the Silent had been captured, several baby titans aborted, R.A.G.E. fail-scading and the NC in disarray. At this time in the campaign Body Count Inc. joined PL - 29 Apr 11.

By the end of May NC collapsed and MM & Razor were evacuating the North, other Alliances in the area haemorrhaged pilots from the mortal wounds they had suffered.