Penda Rakken

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Penda Rakken[edit]

  • Name: Penda Rakken
  • Corporation: Republic Parliament.
  • Division: Internal Security
  • System: Nakugard
  • Station: Rakken's Claw
  • Level: 2
  • Quality: 0
  • Type: Event


A COSMOS agent located at The Glass Edge in the Nakugard system of the Ani constellation.


The Ani Build-Up – Extra Medical Supplies (1 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Courier: 5,000 units of Zemnar - 1000m³. Jumps: 10 ( Nakugard->Teonusude->Nakugard ). Reward: 200,000 ; Bonus: 50,000 (3 hours).

The Ani Build-Up – Carrot on a Stick (2 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Trade: One unit of Ancient Nefantar Sculpture - 5m³. Reward: 1 Unit of LADAR Firewall Blueprint 3 Run ME10 PE4 ; Bonus: 180,000 (4 hours). Template:Note

The Ani Build-Up – Strike em Where it Hurts (3 of 3)[edit]

Template:Quote Mission Type - Trade: 1 Unit of Lagaster Malotoff's Tag - 0.1m³.

Found in system: Inder Contested Minmatar Military Depot (3/10) Gate to Seized Supply Depot > Gate to Overrun Headquaters.

Reward: 1 Unit of Process-Interruptive Warp Disruptor Blueprint 3Run ME10 PE4 ; Bonus: 1000 Units of Republic Fleet Nuclear S (6 hours).

[2.76% increase Gallente/ 3.45% Minmatar].