People for Organised Peace (Player alliance)

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Name People for Organised Peace
Ticker P.O.P
Type Industrial Wormhole 0.0 highsec type
Founded 20/04/09
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Alaris Tannin
Diplomat(s) Alaris Tannin, Kadavreski
Public Channel P.O.P
Website [ ]
Executor Caldari State Inc
Members many

People for Organised Peace was executed by Caldari State Inc. The Alliance has a large base of operations in wormhole space and currently has 3 large pos in use there. As well as its wormhole ops, they also partake in large scale mining and mission ops in high sec mostly in Caldari Space but with corps in regions belonging to other races.

With many industrialists and miners, its pretty easy for these guys to make anything that is required either for sale or alliance use.

While all this is going on they also have fleets of pilots undergoing frequent agent missions aswell as cosmos missions.

For diplomacy 1 of 2 pilots can be contacted, either Alaris Tannin (CEO of executor corp) or Kadavreski.