Planting the Body

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Epic Mission Arc : The Blood-Stained Stars
Chapter : Bag of Blood (Scanning Branch)
Mission 25 : Planting the Body


Mission type: Courier, Encounter/kill, Arc Mission
Recommended Damage/Resists: Serpentis
Previous Mission: Bag of Blood
Next Mission: Chasing a Nightmare

Mission Briefing[edit]

There's a small outpost that the Serpentis are convinced Wolf is hiding out in. Take the body and fly it to the outpost. Kill the Serpentis if you feel like it. You're going to place the fake body in the outpost, then fly away. This will activate the timed explosives Burgan planted.

To any observer it should look like you swooped in and took out Burgan yourself, and the charred body with his DNA should sell it.


Plant the fake body in the outpost. Any Serpentis kills are optional.

Granted Items[edit]

1 x Wolf Burgan's Body Double


With this mission, one of the first things you'll notice are that there's a large amount of Serpentis in the area. Depending on your mentality, you can engage at will. However, the mission only requires you to drop the body into the cargo-container of a habitation module so the fighting is merely a perk.

One important caveat: as soon as the body is planted, an explosion ushers in the spawn of a few Serpentis frigates that are assisting a cruiser. If you can't tank it, run as soon as you see the explosion.


150,000 credits
Bonus: 152,000 credits if completed within 4 hours and 4 minutes.
Bounties: 148,688 credits


The container spawned near the second wave holds minor loot, and in one report held four scientists. They had no significance in the mission, and were probably just there for effect. The scientists seem to spawn every time the epic arc is rerun, they still seem to lack an obvious use..