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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


In the context of the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) Eve Online a Player Corporation is a player created virtual entity allowed by the game mechanics to exist within the virtual game play of New Eden. A New Eden Player Corporation is styled after a corporation in the real world and is similarly operated under the leadership of a CEO having dictatorial power within the corporation structure. In most cases a Player Corporation in New Eden is simply referred to as a "Corp".


The structured game play facilitated by a Player Corporation provides a setting in which like minded players can easily join together and participate in game play activities. Frequently the pod pilots in a Player Corporation work together for one or more common purposes to advance their joint game play goals. This may include Mission Running, Mining, PvP, Trading, Starbase Management and anything else that an organized group of players might choose to accomplish.


Pod Pilots[edit]

A Player Corporation in New Eden may consist of anywhere from one (1) pod pilot player up to Sixty-Three Hundred (6,300) pod pilots and Dust 514 ground pounding players. In the New Eden virtual corporation structure a pod pilot in a Player Corporation is typically referred to as a "corp member". Just as in many real world corporations the actual or real authority of a CEO is limited to that of being able to "hire" and "fire" potential corp members.

Corporation Roles[edit]

The Player Corporation CEO has access to an extremely complicated and difficult to use corporation control panel. Using one of several different methods a CEO may grant a corp member rights to perform certain tasks or roles within the corporation which require the permission of the CEO. For example being able to look at or view the corporation wallet requires the setting of a role permitting that action.

In the Player Corporation structure the most significant role a CEO can grant to a corp member is called Director which allows that corp member to perform almost every single corp related task the CEO is capable of performing. This role should only be granted to the most trusted corp members.


Required Skills[edit]

Minimum Skill[edit]

In order to create a Player Corporation within New Eden you must train the player skill book Corporation Management to Level 1. The skill Corporation Management is also required under certain circumstances if a player is to be chosen to replace a resigning CEO. See CEO Resignation below.

Additional Skills[edit]


The minimum skill for a pod pilot to train to enable corp creation allows that Player Corporation to have up to 10 members plus the CEO for a total of 11 possible members.

Additional skill training increases the number of members allowed by specific increments for each Level of the skill that is trained. The following list of additional skills are listed in the order they must be trained and each skill is followed by the definition for that skill and the maximum number of corp members it allows at Level 5.

Remember that the CEO is a "plus one" (+1) and not included in the numbers shown below.

  • Corporation Management allows for the basic corporation operation.
    • +10 corporation members allowed per level.
    • Allows a Player Corporation to have a maximum of 50 members when trained to Level 5.
  • Megacorp Management allows for advanced corporation operation.
    • +50 members per level.
    • Allows a Player Corporation to have a maximum of 300 members when trained to Level 5.
  • Empire Control allows for advanced corporation operation.
    • +200 corporation members allowed per level.
    • Allows a Player Corporation to have a maximum of 1,300 members when trained to Level 5.
  • Sovereignty allows for advanced corporation operation.
    • +1000 corporation members allowed per level.
    • Allows a Player Corporation to have a maximum of 6,300 members when trained to Level 5.



CEO Resignation[edit]

To resign from the CEO position a player must right click his name in chat and select Resign as CEO? and click Confirm Resign as CEO.

In the situation where a CEO wishes to resign from the CEO leadership position, if any of the Corp Members have trained Corporation Management to Level 1, only those Corp members who have trained to Level 1 (or higher) will be listed as choices for the resigning CEO to choose from as his replacement. In which case if a particular member is to be selected to become the new CEO he must have the Corporation Management skill trained to at least Level 1. Otherwise he will not be shown on the list of potential replacements.

However, In the event that there are no corp members (other than the current CEO) with the skill Corporation Management trained to Level 1, every single Corp member will be displayed on the list of possible replacements for the resigning CEO to select from.

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