Possibly Practical POS Performance Proposal (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



There have been many complaints about POS mechanics over the years, and sustained efforts by players to develop proposals for POS mechanic overhaul.

However, until such time as CCP can devote the significant resources needed to take another crack at POS's, there are perhaps some smaller things that can be done to ease the pain of EVE's long-suffering POS-monkeys.


A crowdsourcing thread was initiated to gather proposed tweaks to POS mechanics from the players. The list of ideas was then prioritized by interested players in preparation for presentation to the CSM.

During the CSM meeting, any items objected to by one or more CSMs was removed from the list (see below for details):

Item Count Score Popular Name
10 27 25.13 61.36% Review and revamp POS permissions, please.
1 22 19.80 50.00% Relax range restrictions when player is inside POS shields; if you're in the POS, you can interact with all the POS modules, move stuff between them, etc. If possible, this would include onlining and offlining.
15 18 16.51 40.91% Personal divisions in corp and ship hangars; corp divisions in ship hangars.
5 15 13.01 34.09% All POS modules should be nameable (or at least a damn code number on them so we can tell corp hangars apart).
6 15 12.97 34.09% Manufacturing modules should be able to accept inputs from, and deliver outputs to other modules. Even something as simple as "If there are insufficient materials in my hangar, grab them from this module" would permit simpler pipelines and easier remote management. Or more simply, some sort of remote-move-between-modules interface.
14 15 12.35 34.09% Repackaging in corp and ship hangars.
30 9 7.27 20.45% Corp hangar access for alliance members.
3 6 5.71 13.64% Fuel pellets -- perhaps as a new output of PI (but requiring some components that cannot be produced on planets).
8 7 5.34 15.91% Fix Ship Hangar Bug that sometimes leaves original ship in space.
23 6 4.93 13.64% List of ammo in all guns.
2 6 4.84 13.64% POS fuel warning evemails should tell you how many hours of each fuel component you are running out of.
24 6 4.72 13.64% Make refining arrays and T2 ship arrays useful.
21 5 4.05 11.36% Improved reactions UI; show timers, what silo stores, etc.
27 4 3.34 9.09% Cache passwords on client.
11 4 3.25 9.09% Jump Bridge Tolls.
22 4 3.22 9.09% Show POS cycle timer.
16 4 3.05 9.09% Access controls at tower-granularity.
18 3 3.00 6.82% Improved anchoring UI.
13 3 2.22 6.82% Update reaction linking interface to be more PI-like.
9 3 2.05 6.82% View blueprints that are in structures in space via corp assets and science & industry interfaces.
29 2 1.22 4.55% Indicate on Production screen that everything is properly linked or indicate when reactor is not linked.
26 1 1.00 2.27% Allow CSMAs to be anchored without sov (or at least in WH space). Note that CSMA != CSAA!
17 1 0.22 2.27% Access and use controls based on standings.
25 1 0.22 2.27% Don't show items in fuel screen that the POS doesn't use.

Following is the list of items removed from the list. These items are not part of the proposal. However, they have not been rejected; any CSM is free to raise any of them as a specific proposal at a later date.

Item Count Score Popular Name
7 27 24.72 61.36% Anchoring/Unanchoring Queue.
28 11 9.38 25.00% Allow multiple players to anchor and online at a POS at the same time (aka "Wham! Bam! Thank-you, Gang!")
12 7 5.77 15.91% Reduced time for anchoring, onlining and offlining.
4 7 5.72 15.91% Remote refuel - grabs stuff from corp hangars; limit to regional range (or system in WH-space).
20 3 3.00 6.82% Menu and UI improvements to make dangerous actions harder to do by accident (Being implemented in Incursion)
19 1 1.00 2.27% Courier contracts to and from POS locations.


  • Potentially reduces the pain of POS operation.
  • Hopefully cheap to implement for CCP (low-hanging fruit).


  • Some items may have unexpected consequences; careful CCP / CSM review required.

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Passed: 7-0 (+1 late Aye)