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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


This article is written from an in-character/roleplay perspective. If you wish to contribute to this page, please refrain from making out-of-character (OOC) references.

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Drafted by Rhavas.


Examine, gather data and understand the artificial wormholes generated by the Sansha wormhole generator. If possible acquire, reverse engineer or create a wormhole generation device, allowing long-distance targeted point-to-point travel.


Throughout the Nation War of Resurgence, the forces of Sansha Kuvakei have shown a capability for higher-level battle commanders to be able to open artificial wormholes directly into sovereign and empire space using a device of uncertain origin and properties. Nation is known to be capable of sustaining multiple wormholes on a battlefield simultaneously. These wormholes differ from standard natural wormholes in several regards, which should be understood along with the natural wormholes triggered by the Seyllin Incident.

These wormholes allow Nation to attack across great distances in an apparently instantaneous manner, much like a cynosural field, but without being able to be cyno-jammed. They also are only one-way portals for all but the ships in the Sansha fleets, rendering them strong defensive and offensive capabilities.

Regardless of any military impacts or implications, this technology has critical implications for navigation and applicability to its presumably Sleeper or Talocan (or potentially Jove) roots.

Therefore this technology is of critical interest to the Pathfinder Program and the goals of the Arek'Jaalan Multidisciplinary division. It will investigate the physics behind these wormholes, their differences from standard wormholes, and the potential methods by which this technology might be acquired, reverse engineered, or re-created for further study and testing.

Experiment Outline[edit]

Decipher Nation invasion violent wormhole data and provide comparative analysis to sensor data acquired from the static violent wormhole in Promised Land and "natural" wormholes. Results may indicate the physics responsible for the apparent space-tunneling effects and the chemistry, and thus equipment, behind their generation. With sufficient results, we may be able to extrapolate the possibilities of how the device forms the violent wormholes, why they act the way they do, and potential extents, limitations and implementation considerations of the Sansha technology.

Research Aims[edit]

  • Determine nature, composition and properties of Sansha violent wormholes
  • Determine differences between Sansha violent wormholes and "natural" wormholes
  • Determine Sansha violent wormhole likely location of origin
  • Acquire, reverse engineer or re-create the Sansha violent wormhole generator for further testing and analysis

Literature Review[edit]

  • Operation Bad Moon (YC 112.05.20): A group of capsuleers pioneer the use of commercially-available Gravimentric ECM equipment against Nation's wormholes, during an incursion in the Romi System [1]. The use of Gravimetric ECM equipment against wormholes subsequently becomes standard practice at all future incursions.
  • Capture of Jove Frigate (YC 112.06.27): During an incursion in the Antem system, Nation's forces succeed in capturing a Jovian frigate and cartesian temporal coordinator [2]. The event marks the start of repeated targeting of the system and surrounding areas. Over the course of the next six months Nation attacks the region at least six times (the most of any area of space in New Eden).
  • Project Hydrogen Bomb (YC 112.12.09): In a joint operation, a SYNE/FCORD task force (operating with CONCORD approval and under escort by CONCORD Commander Haeldone Dorgiers) uses a rebuilt freighter piloted by Malarthi Behemoth to deploy an 850-kiloton H-bomb against a Nation wormhole in the Antem system of the Monalaz Constellation. The vessel, carrying a mixture of raw hydrogen and several tons of primer explosives, succeeds in accomplishing its objective and destroys the wormhole. The successful execution of the mission yields vital intelligence data on the composition of Nation-projected wormholes and the elusive wormhole device [3],[4].
In the pre-war incursions, Sansha's Nation used a device (of unknown origin) to artificially generate the wormholes through which their forces traveled. We know a bit about this device. Based on the results of "Project Hydrogen Bomb" it is believed that it was the sole piece of equipment of its type, making it an invaluable asset to their plans [5]. It is believed to be mobile and may have been aboard Kuvakei's flagship (a Revenant class supercarrier) at Yulai, but it is unknown if the ship had received special modifications to permit its use. Pre-war Nation capital ships were frequently observed in proximity to the wormholes, suggesting that only they possessed the capabilities or equipment to stabilize them. As of 113.02.26 no anti-Nation ship has been able to traverse a Nation-created wormhole. As of 113.07.30 multiple wormholes were seen in Madirmilire, which may indicate there are now multiple devices.
  • Complex fullerene shards were detected aboard Nation capital ships at several incursions in late 112.
  • Aerkon Verriam reported just prior to the opening of the second wormhole at Madirmilire on 113.07.30 that "[03:34:25] Aerkon Verriam > Fleet, my sensors indicate a buildup of Ferrofullerine Ion particles in the area."


Phase I: Nation Incursion Logging & Analysis[edit]

Gather data from camera drones, ship scanner readings and local fluid router data relative to Nation-generated wormholes during invasions of empire space in an attempt to understand the mechanics, physics, chemistry and origin location of these wormholes.

Enlist Capsuleer and Official Assistance[edit]

The Arek'Jaalan team is an apolitical, neutral entity, but we understand that its members and the New Eden community at large has strong opinions on the Nation War of Resurgence. Our role is to understand the science, not to take specific sides. We will approach both the Synenose Accord and Nation supporters in the hopes that they will engage both for scientific reasons and their own agendas, whether they be to defeat or exalt Sansha Kuvakei. This effort will go forward with whatever volunteers we can find regardless.

Assistance Request Status
Completed items:
  1. Requested review of project by Hilen Tukoss, MD, EC, MRID and SEC. First request sent August 11, YC113. Second request sent August 14, 113.
  2. Full RFC sent to full AJ mailing list August 15, 113. Requested input from Arek'Jaalan Nation supporters.
  3. Request updated AJ recruiting post from MRID, post separate thread on IGS. Attempt to renew informal SYNE support. All of these items were initiated August 18, 113.
Next steps:
  1. Request formal assistance from SYNE. Informal requests were originally met with positive response, but SYNE recently sent a "desist all cooperation" note that indicates this may take more work than previously hoped. This needs to be revisited.
  2. Revisit request for capsuleer assistance with Hilen Tukoss.
  3. Request data on specifics of explosive content used in Operation Hydrogen Bomb from Malarthi Behemoth
  4. Request data from Haeldone Dorgiers of CONCORD
  5. Request data from Omune Balenne of Gallente Federation

Violent Wormhole Scanning[edit]

Template:Warning Involve as many capsuleers as possible in up-close photographs and scans of each wormhole during an Incursion event and post those scans for analysis. Minimal analysis has already begun and shown surprising and interesting results. The Promised Land static violent wormhole appears to be an exact match for recent Incursion wormholes, a constellation has been found that matches the wormhole scans, and strangest of all, some of the CONCORD stock ship photographs have also been found against the telltale nebular pattern found in the wormholes.

Violent Wormhole Scan Data
Based on minimal current data, the wormholes in Promised Land and a recent incursion share a remarkably similar apearance. Physical and chemical properties have been scanned but not yet analyzed. The wormhole data captures show an origin system with a noteworthy nebular pattern in the skies - a bright shock of pale blue with a distinctive orange stripe. Please list Date, System, Wormhole number and capsuleer name.
File:2011-03-06 Promised Land Eve Travel.jpg
113-3-6, Promised Land, Static, Mark726
File:Madirmilire 110730 1 of 2.jpg
113-7-30, Madirmilire, 1 of 2, Rhavas
File:Oijamon Sun Wormhole.png
113-8-16, Oijamon, 2 of 2, Velicia Tuoro
Associated Photographic Data
In a surprise discovery, it was determined that both the Jove Apotheosis shuttle and the Sansha Revenant supercarrier had stock photos taken against this same distinctive nebular background.
File:Revenant Icon.jpg
Revenant Stock Photo
File:Apotheosis Stock.jpg
Apotheosis Stock Photo
Origin Localization Scan Data - Positive Matches
To date, three constellations have been found that match this pattern. We find all to be unlikely sources of origin, and so have hypothesized that there are still more areas of New Eden that have the same view. We are thus working through constellation views through process of elimination.
File:Eygfe Sky.jpg
Ankard Constellation (Eygfe), Rhavas
File:Du Annes Disier.jpg
Disier Constellation (Du Annes), Rhavas
File:Ardhis Sky.jpg
Favo Constellation (Ardhis), Rhavas
Table of Origin Localization Review Data
Region Constellation Match No Match Not Reviewed Notes
Black Rise Okakuola X
Citadel Caldari Border X
Citadel Kantanen X
Citadel Tasen X
Delve D5-SOW X T-IPZB (Shattered). Sky pattern is a match but color is not.
Derelik Hevaka X
Domain Maddam X Sarum Prime, home of Jamyl Sarum.
Esoteria 8T-OLH X
Esoteria E-ILCH X
Esoteria KUSW-P X
Esoteria R2BT6 X
Essence Eustron X
Essence Jeon X
Essence Patrie X
Essence Vieres X Villore
Forge Kimotoro X Jita, Perimeter, etc. Sky pattern is a match but color is not.
Geminate N-K4QO X Roua, SOCT area.
Genesis EVE X New Eden, Dead End, Exit etc. New Eden has a different sky than the rest of the constellation.
Genesis Monalaz X Antem, etc.
Genesis Sanctum X Yulai, home of CONCORD.
Great Wildlands BBBE-G X
Great Wildlands Q-PVMK X
Heimatar Erada X
Heimatar Odengsolf X Sky pattern is a match but color is not.
Heimatar Ortner X Rens
Heimatar Sveipar X Pator, Eystur
Kador Favo X
Metropolis Ankard X
Metropolis Barvigrard X Hek
Metropolis Ergruk X
Metropolis Frar X Hebisa. Right sky but wrong color.
Metropolis Inkelm X
Metropolis Rollera X Right pattern, wrong color.
Molden Heath Elfrard X
Molden Heath Eoldulf X
Molden Heath Fittakan X Teonusude
Molden Heath Joas X
Molden Heath Tartatven X
Paragon Soul 17K-QM X
Placid Beyt X Right shape, wrong color
Pure Blind 38G6-L X X-7OMU, Sisters of Eve HQ
Sinq Laison Algintal X Colelie, Deltole
Sinq Laison Coriault X Dodixie
Sinq Laison Disier X
Stain 41JS-R X
Stain 5VN-B7 X
Stain Q4IG-S X
Stain SB3-IH X EAWE-2 (Shattered).
Stain U7L-MQ X
Stain VH1-NS X Right colors but wrong shapes.
Stain V-H3VO X T-8UOF, highlighted in Ishaeka documents.
Stain XJ-ORG X Sansha home system of 37S-KO.
Stain Y-2D6Q X
Stain Z01V-Z X

Local Fluid Router Channel Logging[edit]

Involve as many capsuleers as possible in gathering complete logs of the Local or other related Fluid Router channels during an Incursion event and post those scans for analysis. This has already revealed as noted above that there is a ferrofullerine ion spike just prior to the opening of a Nation wormhole.

Local Fluid Router Channel Logs
  • YC113 July 31 Madirmilire (Source: Rhavas), in which we learn that a new wormhole opening is preceeded by "a buildup of Ferrofullerine Ion particles in the area".
  • YC113 August 05 Rasile (Sources: Razz Skyshatter, Grideris), in which we learn a lot about Sansha control and tolerance mechanisms.
  • T minus 13 minutes - "Portal alpha stable at 93%"
  • T minus 8 minutes - "Portal alpha beginning timed signal interruption." Yet strangely the Sansha initial fleet arrives at this moment. 8 minutes later is apparently when the reinforcement fleet was due to arrive.
  • Portal strength at 39% or lower (known value - actual may be higher) is enough to disrupt reinforcements jumping in.
  • Boosts are given to "Signal Support Wing". This suggests that the initial incursion group are there primarily to stabilize the wormhole, which suggests that the natural state of the wormhole is not stability.
  • There is a method that can restabilize a wormhole. This is known as a "reconnection burst", presumably sent from the incursion site back to the origination site. In this case, it took three bursts to restabilize.
  • YC113 August 16 Oijamon (Source: Grideris), in which solar mass extraction is first mentioned. It is quite possible that this extraction is after Isogen-5, however Oijamon is an M0 Orange star, not the expected A0 Blue. We learn a couple of things:
  • Reinforcing lessons learned from Rasile - namely that there is a requirement for reinforcement points on both sides of the hole (one generally the flagship), the flagship is deployed to maintain wormhole integrity, and succeeds. Multiple statements show that the flagship is intimately tied to the wormhole's stability.
  • The mass extraction takes a long time -
  • 17:56 - System lockdown
  • 18:52 it is announced that 39 minutes remain
  • 19:23 18 minutes (this lag suggests that the capsuleer efforts have caused an additional delay of 10 minutes)
  • 19:33 Slave states solar activity is noted as increasing
  • 19:49 Slave states "Solar mass extraction vulnerable; preparing withdrawal."
  • 19:55 Slave states "Solar mass extraction fleet exposed. Gravimetric interference preventing withdrawl. Operation incomplete."

Data Assessment[edit]

Analyze all gathered data from photographs, scanners and logs to determine the physics, chemistry, capability and origins to a level that allows attempts to acquire, reverse-engineer or rebuild the Nation wormhole generator. Compare data on natural wormholes from existing databases or Project Tesseract to determine whether these phenomena are equivalent or different and in what ways.

Data Assessment Status
Data is being routed to Eifyr and related scientific groups as it comes in. Results not yet conclusive.

Phase II: Prototype[edit]

Acquire, reverse-engineer or rebuild a prototype of the Nation wormhole generator. At minimum, determine feasibility and componentry.

Time Frame[edit]

Phase I

  • Enlist Capsuleer & Official Assistance (In Progress)
  • Violent Wormhole Scanning (In Progress - Dependent on Incursion frequency and capsuleer assistance)
  • Local Fluid Router Channel Logging (In Progress - Dependent on Incursion frequency and capsuleer assistance)
  • Data Assessment (Pending review by Eifyr team)

Phase II

  • Prototype (Pending Data Assessment outcomes)

Budget and Assistance Required[edit]

  • CA Support to manage incoming data load
  • Potential funding assistance to gather additional capsuleer data
  • Support in potential political considerations
  • Support from Eifyr and others for data analysis
  • Logistical support and cost of modules or components required for Phase II.