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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Examine, gather data and understand the usage of the Talocan static gates, rift generation potential and travel capabilities. If possible reverse engineer, activate and use a Static Gate or other Talocan travel device, allowing long-distance targeted point-to-point travel. This project is being run by the Talocan Technology division.


Recently the spatial rifts that can be encountered across New Eden have gotten increased Capsuleer attention following the recent events with the Sleeper drones and the sightings of the entity known as the Awakened infomorph. While most seem to have focused their attention to the Sleepers when it comes to solving the mystery of these rifts there is another source that could give great insights into this phenomenon. Many of these rifts can be discovered near Talocan static gates. The gates most likely interact with the rifts in some fashion possibly even generate them for some purpose. This project has as a goal to uncover the inner workings of these Static gates and provide insight into their fuction in Talocan society and their grasp of astronautical engineering.

Experiment Outline[edit]

  • Full analysis of the static gates. This process will require the study of several gates given the dilapidated state they are in and can be achieved by doing the following.
    • Using molecular scans to determine composition of materials used in construction.
    • Three-dimensional scans of the structure including deep layered scans to map internal mechanics.
    • Retrieve physical samples of components and materials used in construction by salvaging and disassembling a static gate.
  • Use the acquired date to create models and blueprints of the components and gate itself.
  • Attempt to either reconstruct/repair a gate to functional status or build our own.

Hypothesis: The static gates were/are part of a network used by the Talocan for quick FTL travel between their facilities and possibly other locations as well. It was built by using their knowledge on spatial manipulation to create rifts or anomalies in spacetime to connect distant locations.

Research Aims[edit]

  • Determine materials used by the Talocan for construction.
  • Uncover the purpose of Talocan static gates and their inner workings.
  • If possible retrieve a static gate and transport it to Empire space for further study.
  • Use all the acquired data to reconstruct a fully functional Talocan static gate.

Literature review[edit]

  • References are being sought before submission of a final draft. Suggested reading material is welcome.


  • Careful study of Static Gate technology
  • Establish safety protocols in handling unknown gate technology to ensure safety of researchers and enviroment.
  • Findings will be analysed and used to create simulations for comparison.

Data assessment[edit]

Simulations and findings will determine the function of the gates. These will be compared with stargate and acceleration gate operation to determine correlations and differences and provide deeper understanding of the technology.


  • Setting up an expedition
  • Full analysis of several Static Gates.
  • Breakdown of acquired data in manageable chunks for researchers.
  • Creation of data models and blueprints for the individual components.
  • Acquisition of required minerals and other materials if available.
  • Assembly of components necessary for gate construction.
  • Testing of components to determine if assembly was successful
  • Construction of an operational Static Gate
  • Testing of the Static Gate in safe location under strict operational safety protocols (protocols will be uploaded at a future date before construction begins)


  • Expeditionary force consisting of:
    • Ships equipped with sophisticated scanning equipment
    • Escorts for security
  • Research facilities
  • Researchers with knowledge pertaining acceleration and stargate technology.
  • Mineral and material requirements will be determined once data analysis of Static Gate components is complete.
  • Secure location for gate construction

Project results[edit]

Talocan Static Gate study datafile

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