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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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The purpose of Project Omicron is to try and establish two way communications with the Rogue Drones, to find common ground as a prelude towards full Diplomatic negotiations and ultimately an Alliance, failing that to interview them for as much information as possilbe on their origins, purpose, needs and possible connections to Sleepers and Sleeper Drones.

Research Goals[edit]

  • Check all current records for any and all previous contact with Rogue Drones, archive & analyse them and see if any patterns or behaviours can be deduced.
  • Establish standardised communication protocols to be used in all attempts to contact Rogue Drones.
  • Establish an agenda and list of questions to be put to the Rogue Drones.
  • Theorise in advance possible questions we might receive in return from the Rogue Drones and try to prepare some responses, so that all memebers of the Division can give consistent answers to any enquires.

Active Research Areas[edit]

Communication Protocols[edit]

This research is focused on establishing a number of standardised communication protocols for use in our attempts to communicate with the Rogue Drones.

Agenda and Questions For Rogue Drones[edit]

This research is focused on to trying to form a clear Agenda for when dealing with Rogue Drones and to work out in advance the types of questions we should ask.

Standardised Enquiry Responses For Rogue Drones[edit]

This research is focused on us trying to anticipate the possible questions that Rogue Drones might ask us during any successful communication and to prepare consistant standardised responses in return.

Current Rogue Drone Communications[edit]

This research is focused on documenting and analysing any ongoing communications with Rogue Drones. Including Strange Transmissions From Dead End.

Historical Rogue Drone Communications[edit]

This research is focused on gathering, documenting and anaylsing any previous Rogue Drone communcations that may of occured and see if any conclussions can be drawn from them.