Providence Holders Coalition (Player coalition)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Providence Holders Coalition[edit]

The Providence Holders Coalition is a coalition or power block centered in the Providence Region. Alliances in this coalition work together to build Providence economically, provide for its defense, and enforce the NRDS policy of the region.

On December 6, 2009 Lonewolfnight announced on internal CVA and Providence Holder forums the official addition of three new alliances to Holders status. Veneratio Venator Alliance, under the leadership of Cpt. Lumis, Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, under the leadership of John Revenent, and Fidelas Constans, under the leadership of Lupus Aurelius.

Following the opening of the New-Providence War Libertas Fidelitas Alliance turned on the Curatores Veritatis Alliance and other Providence Holders Coalition members. In an open statement[1] on the Intergalactic Summit the LFA leader, Lasterax, blamed the CVA executor, Aralis, for failure in previous peace talks and called for open rebellion by the other Holders. LFA was promptly expelled from the Holders coalition and allowed to fall apart on their own. Their space has since been taken control of by Ushra'Khan.

With their space lost and given to the Providence NIP, many older holders moved north and either became members of the Northern Coalition or slowly died out. Alliances such as Care Factor, Apocalypse Now, TSOE Consortium, and Yulai Federation continued to operate within the Domain and Providence regions with CVA and became full members, operating in multiple campaigns and taking space with CVA several times.

In April, 2011 TSOE Consortium started a campaign against the current SOV holder in Southern Providence NC Dot. Sovereignty Blockade Unit’s (SBU’s) was deployed in N8XA-L. NC Dot along with Evoke Super Capital Fleet came right away and destroyed them. Soon after the Super Capital Fleet left, TSOE Consortium deployed more SBU’s in N8XA-L. This continued on a constant basis. As soon as a SBU’s was destroyed a new one was put up in its place. Soon NC Dot and Evoke Super Capital Fleet stop showing up and Evoke and there renter Alliance Ewoks started to show up in Sub-Capital fleets to destroy the SBU’s. Once this happen TSOE Consortium along with Yulai Federation commenced with deploying SBU’s in N8XA-L / 1-1L53 / ZT-LPU / AY-YCU/ TU-RI6.

After several more deployments by Evoke/Ewoks Sub-Capital Fleets to dispatch the SBU’s they started not to show up for the final timers of the SBU’s. Sovereignty was attained by TSOE Consortium in TU-RI6. At this point TSOE Consortium deployed more SBU’s in 2V-CS5 / H9-J8N / C1-HAB / HP-6Z6 / GA9P-0 / 7YWV-S / TXJ-II along with all the other SBU currently deployed in Southern Providence. With the current success of taking Sovereignty, Providence Holder Alliance’s start making gains in Southern Providence. The daily grind of reinforcing I-Hubs and Stations along with destroying SBU’s on a daily basis by NC Dot/Evoke Renter Alliance’s started to take its toll on both sides. By the end of the month of April, TSOE Consortium along with help from all other Holders Alliance’s had taken Sovereignty in N8XA-L / TU-RI6 / 2V-CS5 / 7YWv-S / TXJ-II. Yulai Federation had taken Sovereignty in 1-1I53. Also the stations in the respective systems have fallen to the respective Providence Holders. This was only accomplished with the help of all the Providence Holders Alliances.

With the War that NC Dot and Evoke was committed to with Drone Russian Federations up north and the current pressure from the current Providence Holders it was only a matter of time before they had to make a decision on whether to re-deploy back to Providence and protect their current sovereignty, make a deal with CVA and Holder Alliances or just let the space go.

In May, 2011 an abrupt change in the fortunes of the Providence Holders. A NC Dot / Evoke Diplomat struck a accord with CVA and Holder Alliances. The Accord started with the handing over and sale of sov structures at market price to CVA of much of southern Providence, putting Holders in control of about one third of providence. At this time space is set to continue to be turned over to Providence Holders as the NC./Evoke bloc moves north to newly vacated space by the fall of the Northern Coalition.

Current Members[edit]