Provisional Serpentis Outpost

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Complex Details
Provisional Serpentis Outpost
Signature Strength 20.0%
Type Combat Signature
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Essence
Pirate type Serpentis

General Info

The Provisional Serpentis Outpost is {{#if:| {{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: {{{class}}} |p1|p2}}| a Class {{{class}}}{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: {{{level}}} |p1|p2}}|, Level {{{level}}} | }} | }} Cosmic Anomaly | a Cosmic Signature of the Unrated Complex type, }} occupied by the Serpentis Corporation {{#if:| | pirate faction}}. It can be found via exploration {{#if:| | by probing}} in Lowsec systems. For location details see [[{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if: Unrated_Complex_List |p1|p2}}|Unrated_Complex_List|Unrated_Complex_List}}#Locations|Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart]].

The site consists of a volume of space with {{#if:1|an|no}} acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending {{#if:|drones|pirates}}. {{#if:1|Using the gate allows access to other areas within the site.|}} When attacked, the defenders may send multiple waves of reinforcements. Each group's appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battlecruiser class or smaller. {{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if:|p1|p2}}|There are {{{variationCount}}} variations of the site.|}}{{safesubst:{{safesubst:#if:1|p1|p2}}|

This site's acceleration gate allows only ? class ships or lower and their Tech 2 equivalents to enter the site.|}}

This combat complex is similar to Serpentis Hideout which appears in High sec and Low sec. Template:Note

NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information[edit]

Room 1[edit]

On warp-in, you appear at approximately 50km away from the next jump gate

Group A
3 x (Frigate) Coreli
Group B
1 x (Cruiser) Corelum (trigger Spawn A)
Spawn A
3-4 x (Frigate) Coreli
Spawn B
1-2 x (Cruiser) Corelum
1 x Acceleration Gate (trigger Spawn B if approach under 9.5Km)

Room 2[edit]

Initial Defenders (~60km off)
3 x (Frigate) Coreli Watchman (Possible Commander spawn trigger)
Timed spawn 1
1 x (Frigate) Coreli Defender/Guardian
2 x (Battlecruiser) Corelatis Captain Sentry
Timed spawn 2
5 x (Frigate) Coreli Guard/Safeguard
1 x Serpentis Armory (Trigger for possible escalation)
Armory spawn
3 x (Destroyer) Corelior Infantry/Sentinel/Trooper
3 x (Cruiser) Corelum Chief Infantry/Sentinel
Commander spawn (trigger?)
0-1 x (Commander Cruiser) Shadow Serpentis Chief Patroller (Trigger for possible escalation, drops possibly T2 Implants, Shadow Serpentis modules)


  • Mid-grade Snake Epsilon


May escalate into Guardian Angels Surveilance Squad.

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