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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

How to make Eve-Online utilise a RAM disk[edit]


If you have a 32bit Operating system and more than 3.25Gb RAM you will not be using all that RAM - this can be utilised by utilities such as SuperSpeed 9

  1. If your RAM disk is set to be h: and you have installed eve to c:\games\Eve, make yourself a .bat File [i.e. RAM-EVE.bat]

    @echo off
    Set ram=h:\
    set Char=noone
    if NOT "%1"=="" set char=%1
    set home=%ram%%char%
    mkdir "%home%\Local Settings\Application Data\CCP\EVE"
    mkdir "%home%\My Documents"
    Set USERPROFILE=%home%
    Set HOMEDRIVE=%home:~0,2%
    Set HOMEPATH="%home:~2%"
    Start "EvE" "c:\games\eve\Eve.exe"

  2. Create a shortcut and when it asks for the target point it at this batch file and add a character to the end of it i.e.

    c:\games\RAM-Eve.bat CharacterName

  3. Run eve by the use of this batch file - you can have several short cuts all with different names and this will keep all the setting separate- DO NOT forget to back this drive up as your settings will be lost after a power cycle [unless you automaticlly save the contents of this drive]