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File:Rzr logo.png
Name RAZOR Alliance
Ticker RZR
Type 0.0
Founded 2005.09.23
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO None
Diplomat(s) Gus Garlic
Ramar Unio
Public Channel
Website www.eve-razor.com
Executor Cutting Edge Incorporated
Members Decadence.
Zero Tolerance
Insurgent New Eden Tribe
Mercurialis Inc.
Roving Guns Inc.
Twenty Questions
Gladiators of Rage
Antwerpse Kerels

History of Razor[edit]

Founded in 2005. Razor started off by living in 5ZXX-K in Pure Blind. Politically aligned with then powerhouses G and IRON we worked on keeping Pure Blind clean from pirates and any NBSI types.

Shortly after (Six Months) forming the alliance the regions of Branch, Venal, Tenal and Tribute were in a quite bloody war since FE and Euphoria Released had collapsed against ATUK led enemies. Seizing the opportunity RZR helped G take over BKG and subsequently Branch. After that together with Morsus Mihi who had been approached down in Geminate we took over Tenal while helping Morsus Mihi take Tribute. That war got us into probably one of the longest standing 0.0 brotherhoods.

RZR and RAWR engaged in countless wars together always relying on each other for success and ultimately always prevailing. Many alliances joined what was to become known as the 'Northern Coalition' which sat astride a large swathes of the north of the Eve universe for several years, repelling or retaking all invaders.

That coalition and it's grip on the north came to an abrupt end in 2011. The DRF steamrolled much of the north with a show of super capital force never seen up until that time. The NC itself was imploding due to several failures on all levels and a decision was made to yield the territory to the opposing forces, fall back to low sec and regroup.

Razor itself lost a lot of it's 'chaffe' and decided to focus on PvP, operating from several low sec staging areas slowly but surely morale picked up, the member base grew and eventually several of the old RAWR corps came on board and a new direction chosen.

A new home in Pure Blind was offered by GSF(O-BY0Y), which was gratefully accepted. Shortly after Razor deployed to Delve alongside our now brother in arms GSF to help TEST secure their territory and aid in the (in)famous Delve freeport campaign.

Becoming full members of the CFC Razor then helped retake most of the north and were rewarded with reclaiming our ancestral home of Tenal. Following on from that several large campaigns have been fought including more recently Fountain and Delve yet again!

Razor Alliance was also one of the biggest powers on the field during the B-R fight where 74 titans met their doom and gave a decicive victory to the Clusterfuck Coalition on the Halloween war on winter 2014.

Membership Corporations[edit]

RZR was founded by Cutting Edge Inc. (CEI) and Bladerunners (BLADE). The alliance name Razor is supposed to be a reference to the words Cutting and Blade in the founding corps names.

Within a week of its founding. Octavian Vanguard joined from Syndicate. At the time of expansion into Tenal a few more corps were taken onboard. Notably now long standing members Roving Guns (RG), Mythos (MYTH) and Thundercats (HOO).

When D2 (successor of G) suffered at the hands of the MC Northern invasion post Delve Mk1. Decadence came onboard.

A few corps have come and gone but probably the most notable fairly recent additions to the roster have been the ex RAWR corps of TGRAD (stayed for 2 years then left on 2014), hirr (stayed roughly 1 year and a bit more, kicked by troika on 2014 due to some inner problems ) (4s also joined for a while but seemed to prefer the gut wrenching antics of DBRB's fleets and so left to join GSF :p), Str8ngeBrew joined, then after a while they merged into different RAZOR corporations. Lastly Twenty Questions joined , a corp mainly consisty of old razorites and some old tgrads with other quality members.

Summer 2015 the Corporation UK Corp left RAZOR to shooting stuff with Goons. About the same time several Corporations where recruited. These Junior-Members are: Hounds of Haides, Tides of Silence, Vx9 Intergalactic Gaming Inc., BOVRIL, Galactic Dragons and Nostria Inc.

Razors Future[edit]

RZR is still doggedly trying to improve it's fighting prowess. Winston Churchill said Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. ...and with that in mind, Razor continually deploys without the protection of their IMPERIUM allies, taking successes and failures in good stead with the sole goal of improving and as always be a well respected fighting alliance within the Eve Universe.

Propaganda Posters[edit]

Throughout its existence, RAZOR has released propaganda posters for their various campaigns. Click for larger image

more at http://propaganda.eve-razor.com

More Information[edit]

More information regarding the RAZOR Alliance can be found on the RAZOR website.