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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This article relates to an event or event actor run by the now defunct ISD AURORA. AURORA events and event actors are considered official fiction but the logs and transcripts here are provided by players and are not guaranteed 100% accurate or complete. If you have old event logs consider contributing them to Evelopedia!

"The RISE Incident" is the name collectively given to a series of events occuring mostly in the Placid region between March and September of YC 109 surounding the spread and subsequent squashing of the illegal narcotic known as RISE.

The Drug[edit]

RISE was promoted by those distributing it as a drug that could aid in the ability of people to recover forgotten memories, particularly those of past lives lived by Intaki of Reborn ancestry. Use of the drug would bring on euphoria and halucinitory flashbacks; the corelation between the flashbacks and actual memories could not be established by reputable scientists. Withdrawal symptioms include severe depression to the point of suicidal tendacies; overdosing could lead to convulsions, heart failure and depression of the brain centers that controll breathing. Federation Customs offcials claim that regular use leads to leisions in the brain with the eventual result being a slow and painfull death.

Involved Parties[edit]

Sundari Idama was the designer of the RISE narcotic, working with the Serpentis Corporation and ran the trafficing group "Euphoric Gaze" to distribute it. The title "Idama" signifies someone in the Intaki faith of Ida whom has been reborn multiple times without the assistance of modern technology and serves as a spiritual leader. Idama who are officialy regognized by the community of the faithfull swear an oath to "dispel the miseries of the world" (see: Vremaja Idama), although the use of narcotics to that end may certianly be judged questionable.

Vorada Kuvakei was a former officer in Mordu's Legion who formed and commanded the orginization Illoren, a group advertising themselves as defenders of Placid. (In one unofficial player glossary of "Intaki language" words based loosely on Hindi, Illoren means "one" or "first".) Vorada's Illoren fighters played important roles in operations to intercept and stop distribution of the drug. (Kuvakei is a common Caldari surname: Vorada has no relation to the infamous Sansha Kuvakei. )

Inspector Xavier was an officer of Federation Customs, then newly appointed leader of the drug enforcement squad for the Placid region. Said squads had recently been revitalized as part of a widespread push by Fed Customs against illegal drug trafficing. He had spent 25 years all together working for Fed Customs and announced his retirement after the conclusion of the incident. Customs agents Bierremont and Pressoux were among those working under him.

Key capsuleer corporations involved in the anti-RISE effort included the Cyrene Initiave alliance (Federation loyalists, then including corps such as Placid Reborn, Team JAVELIN Phoenix Wing and Ixion Defense Systems) allong with APEX Unlimited (Caldari loyalists with friendly relations and business operations in Placid).

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