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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unrated Complex
DED rating Unrated
Security Nullsec
Known Regions Cobalt Edge, Etherium Reach, The Kalevala Expanse, Malpais, Oasa, Outer Passage, Perrigen Falls, The Spire
Pirate type Rogue Drones

Radiance is a Nullsec Rogue Drone complex commonly found in the Drone Regions. This is a Cosmic Anomaly and must be scanned down by probing. You will need a reasonable tank and dps to complete this site.

Room 1[edit]

Initial Defenders
5x (Frigate) Infestious Drone
2-3x (Cruiser) Digger Drone
2-3x (BattleCruiser) Digger Drone
Wave 1 (Triggered by ~20km proximity to the Acceleration Gate) (Trigger Reinforcements)
2x (Frigate) Strain Sunder Alvi
2x (Cruiser) Nuker/Atomizer Alvum
4x (Frigate) Strain Sunder/Raider Alvi
3x (Cruiser) Desintegrator Alvum
Wave 2 (Triggered by ~10km proximity to the Acceleration Gate)
4x (BattleCruiser) Siege/Exterminator Alvatis
3x (Cruiser) Strain Atomizer/Bomber/Nuker Alvum
1x Infested Station Ruins (no loot)

Room 2[edit]

Initial Defenders
5x (Frigate) Devilfish/Barracuda Alvi (1x Web, 1x Scram)
5x (BattleCruiser) Crippler Alvatis
4x (Battery) Drone Heavy Missile Battery
3x (Battery) Drone Cruise Missile Battery
Wave 1 (Only triggered by close proximity to the group of leaking cask's on the right side of the radiance hive)
Group 1
3x (Frigate) Devilfish/Hunter Alvi
3x (Destroyer) Ripper/Shatter Alvior
Group 2 (Trigger Commander Wave)
3x (BattleCruiser) Striker/Crippler Alvatis
3x (Cruiser) Strain Nuker/Bomber Alvum
Commander Wave
4x (Cruiser) Desintegrator/Bomber/Atomizer Alvum
4x (BattleShip) Alvus Creator/Patriarch Alvus (Destroying any triggers Reinforcement Wave 1)
1x (BattleShip) Sentient Supreme Alvus Parasite (Escalation Trigger) (9.375m ISK Bounty) (Drops drone components and may drop a Rogue Drone 42-X Nexus Chip (Nestor) or Drone Faction modules, T2 Salvage)


Reinforcement Wave 1 (Trigger Reinforcement Wave 2)
4x (Cruiser) Desintegrator/Bomber/Nuker Alvum
3x (BattleCruiser) Siege/Exterminator Alvatis
Reinforcement Wave 2 (Trigger Reinforcement Wave 3)
3x (Frigate) Strain Sunder/Raider Alvi
4x (Cruiser) Viral Infector Alvum
2x (Cruiser) Violator Alvum
Reinforcement Wave 3
2x (BattleShip) Alvus Ruler
1x (BattleShip) Supreme Alvus Parasite
1x Radiance Hive (indestructible)
2 groups of 4-5x Leaking Casks (no loot)
3x Drone Outpost(?)

Escalation is "Moulting Season": Template:Quote

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