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Name Raining Doom
Ticker SINS
Founded 2009-04-04 05:43:00
Status Pretty much dead
Contact details
Alliance CEO SINS Holding
Public Channel
Website [Offline ]
Executor SINS Holding
Members SINS Holding

These are ex-corporations CORE Elements

White Core.

Law and Order Corporation

Parallax Continuum


Flying Fox Industries

Looking Glass Enterprise

Rastana CMP


Tactical Assault Unit

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Harvester of Sorrow

Mars Industrial

Lukman Lightfoot and Blake


Astral Matrix

Blackwater Syndicate

Sadistically Sinister

The Pirates Hunters

The n00b Experience

Sinister Elite

Dysphoria LLC



Blackwater Heavy Industries


Roadkill Petting Zoo

Industrial Warlords


Raining Doom was made of several corps from Stargate Experiment 626, and their friends/acquaintances. Raining Doom is a select groups of PVPers and a few Industrial and production corps that prefer smaller group warfare to large fleet warfare. It had over 600 members, 23-24ish Corps, sov in 5 systems, and 3 outposts at its highest point.


Their first 0.0 operation was In Ethereal Reach where they supported Ethereal Crossing (ED/IRC), though the lack of unified standing would prove to be a problem in major operations.

Then they moved out to Insmother where they got sov in 5 systems and control over 3 outposts. ED/IRC "Expanded" to Raining Doom's pocket, ending with forces aligned to Quarantine Zone taking over the pocket.

Because they never wanted be pets or renters they decided to leave Insmother and regroup to work on a plan.

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