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Name Reclamation Technologies
Ticker [RECLT]
Alliance None
CEO James Syagrius
Founded YC:113.10.11
Status Active
Headquarters Undisclosed
Public Channel WNWN2
Website [1]

Reclamation Technologies is a corporation specializing in the salvage and reclamation of the flotsam and jetsam of space.

Organizational History[edit]

YC:113.11.10. Reclamation Technologies was founded by James Syagrius.

The company’s original business model focused on low-sec salvaging operations and rig production.

The organizations name refers to the use of adaptive technology, turning salvage into usable resources.

YC:114. Reclamation Technologies shifted its operational focus to ice mining.

This decision coincided with the first Gallente Ice Interdiction. Against the general trend of the time, the company kept mining Blue Ice with marked success.

YC:114. Reclamation Technologies became a founding member of the Federal Consensus Outreach Alliance (FIO).

YC: 114.07.15. After the Governing Council of Federal Consensus Outreach voted in favor of extending its term of participation in the factional warfare. RECLTs Board of Directors voted to leave the alliance.

As the continuation of hostilities proved a significant burden on resource allocation operations and the organizations bottom line.

Shortly after RECLT’s departure from FIO the Alliance dissolved.

YC:114.07.14. RECLT had joined the Omega Vector Alliance.

YC:114.08.06. Tycho Antus was named Chief Operations Officer and assumed responsibility for the day to day operation of the organization.

YC:114.09.22. RECLT’s Founder and first Administrator, James Syagrius retired.

YC:114.09.23. Federation Navy Captain Tycho Antus became Administrator (CEO) of Reclamation Technologies.

YC:115.01.26. RECLT left Omega Vector Alliance and shortly joined Bioco Empire Alliance.

YC:115.03.02. RECLT left Bioco Empire Alliance.

YC:115.03.07. RECLT founded the Libertus Coventu Alliance.

Under the direction of Tycho Antus, Reclamation Technologies was active in Solitude, and in Providence.

Corporate operations included all sectors of industrial production, and RECLT fielded a sizable private security force effecting the regional balance of power.

During this period the organization employed hundreds of Capsuleer Associates in several offices across multiple regions.

RECLT's primary area of operations was overrun during the second quarter of YC115. The company difficulties mounted leading to a significant devaluation of share prices.

This in turn led to a significant downsizing of opperations.

YC:115.08.21. Administrator, Tycho Antus, resigned.

YC:115.08.22. Etienne Saissore became Administrator (CEO) of Reclamation Technologies and instituted a sweeping change of organizational structure and focus. Announcing that the new focus area of RECLT would be biotech and agricultural production.

The venture while initially positive eventually failed leading to the bankruptcy of the organization.

YC: Tycho Antus, returned from retirement and reacquired administrative control of RECLT.

Reclamation Technologies primary focus of operation shifted back to primary resource acquisition.

The organization was briefly located in Placid.

YC:117.01.03. After an administrative disagreement regarding regional political affiliations and the overall profitability of the Placid market. RECLT joined the Amish Mafia Alliance and moved to the Outer Ring.

YC:117.03.21. After the disappearance of Tycho Antus, retired founder James. Syagrius acquired administrative control of RECLT.

Capsuleer Associates terminated directly after the change of leadership confirm a significant organization restructuring is underway.


- [James Syagrius][2]:Adminisrator.