Reclamation Wreck

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Reclamation Wreck[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Traun system of theof the Ani constellation.


Once the Minmatar Rebellion spread into the Ani constellation the Nefantars pleaded with the Amarrians for help. The Amarrians responded by sending their largest battleship to the constellation, the Reclamation. At first, the huge ship along with its escort of support ships, swept through the constellation, destroying several squadrons of rebel forces. But only a week after its arrival, it was infiltrated by a Sebiestor saboteur and demolished. The destruction of the Reclamation signaled the end of the Amarrian initiative to eradicate the rebels in one blow, forcing them onto the defense.


Beduim Quereg[edit]

Sarum Family (Security/Level 3/Quality 0/Event)

Damos Ossiam[edit]

Kor-Azor Family (Public Relations/Level 4/Quality 0/Event)