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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


This page provides the community with an easily accessible summary of CSM5 activities during its term. While bullet points may be included for various activities to describe what was accomplished, this page is not intended to provide in-depth information. However, it will link to such information where applicable. Raw logs are available for all CSM5 Working Meetings; see the CSM Database for links. CSM5 meetings at CCP HQ in Iceland are shown in bold.

This page was created in response to an idea from Athena Olympus midway through CSM5's term; therefore, details for activities prior to November 2010 are limited to key events.

Useful Links[edit]

-- CSM5 Election Results
-- CSM5 Member Information
-- CSM Database (hosted by TeaDaze): Summary of proposals raised and votes cast by delegates, plus attendance records and links to raw logs from working meetings.
-- CSM Workflow: Process for Raising Assembly Hall Issues in Working Meetings

Key Activities[edit]

Ongoing Projects
-- Updates to CSM Proposal wiki pages for CSM1-CSM5
-- Improvements to CSM wiki pages' organization and category tagging

June 2010
5 June: CSM5 Working Meeting 001 (handover from CSM4) Raw Logs
6 June: CSM5 Working Meeting 002 Raw Logs
12 June: CSM5 Working Meeting 003 Raw Logs
23-25 June: CSM5 Summit at CCP HQ in Iceland

July 2010
10 July: CSM5 Working Meeting 004 Raw Logs
12 July: Minutes from June Summit published.
25 July: CSM5 Working Meeting 005 Raw Logs

August 2010
2 August: CSM5 Crowdsourcing for CSM Development Priorities List for CCP Release Planning Meetings
14 August: CSM5 Working Meeting 006 Raw Logs

September 2010
5 September: CSM5 Working Meeting 007 Raw Logs
11 September: CSM5 Working Meeting 008 Raw Logs
17 September: CSM Blogs: Past, Present and Future
26 September: CSM5 Working Meeting 009 Raw Logs

October 2010
11-13 October: CSM5 Stakeholder's Meeting at CCP HQ in Iceland
24 October: CSM5 Working Meeting 010 Raw Logs
27 October: Minutes from Stakeholder Meeting
27 October: CSM Reports: Sense and Sensibility… and Spaceships (CSM5 summary of October meeting in Iceland)

November 2010
13 November: CSM5 Working Meeting 011 canceled (no quorum)
13 November: CSM5 Crowdsourcing for CCP Release Planning Meetings
21 November: CSM Public Round Table
28 November: CSM5 Working Meeting 012 Raw Logs

December 2010
15-17 December: CSM5 Summit at CCP HQ in Iceland

January 2011
10 January: Publication: December Summit Minutes, Part 1 of 3
13 January: Publication: December Summit Minutes, Part 2 of 3
15 January: Publication: December Summit Minutes, Part 2 of 3
23 January: CSM5 Working Meeting 013 Raw Logs

February 2011
12 February: CSM5 Working Meeting 014
27 February: CSM5 Working Meeting 015 canceled (no quorum)

March 2011
6 March: CSM5 Working Meeting 016
10 March: Publication: A Public Letter to CCP From CSM5 About Incarna
14 March: Every Vote is Sacred, Every Vote is Great... (CSM blog)
24-26 March: CSM5 Attends FanFest; participates in CSM Panel

April 2011
4 April: Publication: CSM5 Term Retrospective v1.1