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CAREER: Reprocessor[edit]

The Reprocessor lives to break down a bargain into core pieces and then turn those pieces into profit. As such they must be a jack-of-all-trades in order to recognize an opportunity and quickly take advantage of it. Keeping an eye on the markets in your region and finding out what's happening across it is just the start of process of making a profit.

Reprocessing is a combination of refining and recycling. Ore, manufactured goods, and loot are refined into their component minerals, and ice is refined into ice products. Nearly every item in New Eden has a base material composition. What an item can be reprocessed into is listed in the item database.

Tools of the Trade[edit]


The direct factors involved in reprocessing are:

  • Stations are no longer equal and can drastically improve reprocessing yield by using different equipment the base yields are as follows:
    • NPC Station are either 37.5% or 50% base yield
    • Player Owned Station (POS) can use either a Reprocessing Array - 52% base yield or Intensive Reprocessing Array - 54% base yield
    • Outposts can be upgraded to improve reprocessing. The Amarr, Caldari, and Gallente Outposts base yields from lowest to highest is 52%, 54%, or 57% and Minmatar Outpost base yield goes from 53%, 57%, or 60%.
  • your exact skilled standing with the refinery station or facility
  • your skills in Refining, Refinery Efficiency, and the special processing skill related to whatever you are reprocessing
  • implants to improve reprocessing
  • due to the direct standing factor, your skill in Connections, Criminal Connections, or Diplomacy may be indirect factors as well

The specialized processing skills are:


To reprocess, you must be in a station or an outpost with a reprocessing plant, or a POS with a refining array. The Reprocess window will show what yield you will obtain from the station or facility you are in, but depending upon the quality of the facility, and the standings you have with the corporation that owns the facility, the yield will differ.

The Reprocessor at Work[edit]

Once you have found a facility to work with :

  • You can select as few or as many items to reprocess or to refine at once as you like.
  • Right-click on the selected items and choose reprocess if you're working with items or refine if you're working with ore.
  • The reprocessing window will display with the items selected on one side and the exact amount of minerals you will receive from that facility on the other.
  • At this point, you can choose to either reprocess or cancel to not do the operation.

Tips and Advice[edit]

In some cases, an item’s price will fall below the value of the minerals gained from reprocessing it. If this gap is sufficiently large, there is an opportunity for reprocessing arbitrage. A Reprocessor can buy the item, reprocess it, and immediately sell the minerals, or place sell orders, for a profit. This occurred in large quantities when shuttles were still sold by NPCs for 9,000 ISK and could be reprocessed for 2,500 Tritanium. When Tritanium prices rose above 4.0 ISK per unit, there was an opportunity for arbitrage since shuttle prices were below the value of their reprocessed minerals.

After Crius, which release March 2014, the reprocessing percentage return formulas are:

Reprocessing yield = Station Equipment x (1 + Refining skill x 0.03) x (1 + Refining Efficiency skill x 0.02) x (1 + Ore Processing skill x 0.02) x (1 + Reprocessing Implant)

Minmatar Outpost have the best reprocessing return and at level 3 you will get 60% for the Station Equipment Value.

Reprocessing items one-by-one can sometimes save you some resources, because total reprocessing output is rounded to the closest integer.

Manufactured goods (such as modules, ships, and rigs) are recycled for their previous materials. For example: