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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Firetail is a Minmatar agent LP award. One of the fastest non-interceptor frigates, its high base speed allows it to out run or run down its targets while sacrificing little in the way of offensive or defensive capability. It possesses mounts for two turrets and one launcher. Three high slots, four mid slots, and three low slots round out this capable and cost effective fighter craft.

While the Firetail's damage can be spread out between weapon types its bonuses are applied only to Small Projectile Turrets, this allows the Firetail to put out a significant amount of damage when fitted with such weapons. It is extraordinarily fast even for a frigate and this allows it to use both Artillery and Autocannon weapon types with ease. With the proper skill training it can easily outpace any of the Tech 1 frigates and this swiftness also gives the ship significant defensive advantages against larger ships and weapons with low tracking speed.

The Firetail is commonly fitted with two Artillery Cannons or two Autocannons. This gives the Firetail a chance to use its speed and weapon bonuses well, as it is not always necessary to use an Afterburner or Micro Warp Drive to keep optimal range to a target. An Autocannon/Rocket combo can be used to maximize close range damage potential but, while the Firetail's Shields and Armor are very good for a frigate, it would be unwise to risk losing this expensive ship in a careless brawl. Therefore it may be more prudent to refrain from fitting a launcher in the Firetail's third high slot and instead fit it with an Energy Vampire in order to maintain a powerful active shield tank to supplement its speed.

The Firetail can be obtained in three different ways. It can be purchased from another player, usually selling for about ten million ISK. It can also be purchased using Loyalty Points at the cost of 80,000 LP, 1 Rifter, and 1 Minmatar UUA Nexus Chip. Additionally, it can be manufactured by purchasing the Blueprint for fewer Loyalty Points in combination with either ISK or a set of dog tags. The cost of the Firetail can be prohibitively expensive to newer players. However, if a player is running many level 1 missions and prefers to use a frigate over a cruiser, the Firetail is a good investment. When the player is ready to move on from level 1 missions it can easily be resold for the price it was purchased for or, when fitted properly, used to complete level 2 missions that would otherwise require a cruiser.

Description & Bonuses[edit]

The Firetail is modeled off a fighter frigate known as the Shamrock, a design used by a small, now-extinct pirate faction known as Lazari Dromitus. The blueprint found its way into the hands of Matari military forces after a raid on Lazari Dromitus's headquarters succeeded in killing its leader, thus beheading the organization and scattering its remnants to the four winds. It has since been improved upon and upgraded, and the Firetail is now a mainstay in most Republic Fleet patrols.

Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus:
25% bonus to Small Projectile Turret damage per level
7.5% bonus to Small Projectile Turret tracking speed per level

Skill Requirements[edit]

Blueprint Info[edit]


Manufacturing time : 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Research material time : 1 Day, 9 Hours, 20 Minutes
Research copy time : 2 Days, 18 Hours, 40 Minutes
Research productivity time : 1 Day, 9 Hours, 20 Minutes
Wastage factor : 0.1

Production limit : 30

Bill of materials[edit]

Isogen : 717 - 584
Megacyte : 3 - 2
Mexallon : 3799 - 3095
Nocxium : 3 - 2
Pyerite : 11399 - 9288
Tritanium : 25601 - 20860
Zydrine : 3 - 2

Loyalty Point Store Offer[edit]

1 Republic Fleet Firetail Frigate

Republic Fleet Firetail Images[edit]

Republic Fleet Firetail
Republic Fleet Firetail
Firetail attacking a Habitation Module