Republic data center

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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The Republic Data Center is a beacon in space in the System of Emolgranlan. This location contains Agents in Space which give out one time missions. These agents collect Angel Criminal Tags, and in return give the player significant faction and corp standings.



  • Habad Rokusten
    • Repulic security Services
    • lvl 3 Q20
    • 20 angel electrum tags
    • 0.888% corp
    • 0.3108% faction
    • structure agent.

Frie Tasmuld Republic security Services lvl 2 Q20 20 angel brass tags structure agent

Hakno Lekan Republic Fleet Lvl 1 Q0 10 angel copper tags 3.4286% corp 1.2% faction ship agent

Skia Alfota Republic security services lvl 4 q-20 20 angel crystal tags 1.0619% corp 0.3717% faction structure agent

Sanderi Ualman Republc security services lvl 3 q15 20 angel gold tags structure agent

Altan Uigot republic security services lvl 1 q20 20 angel bronze tags 5.1429% corp 1.8 faction structure agent

adari jammalgen republic security services lvl 3 q0 20 angel paladium tags 0.8385% corp 0.2935% faction structure agent

rilbedur tjar siebestor tribe lvl 1 q0 1x min grad cert 2.4758% corp increase o0.7428% faction increase ship agent

frera elgas republic security services lvl 2 q0 20 angel silver tags 10.2857% corp 3.6% faction structure agent

eget skovilen republic security services lvl 4 q0 20 angel platinum tags 1.3327% corp 0.4665% faction structure agent

osidiei esama republic security services lvl 4 q20 ?? tags structure agent