Right to Rule

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

"Right to Rule"

Faction: Amarr
Corporation: Ministry of Internal Order
Agent: Karde Romu
Agent Level: 4
Location: Kor-Azor Prime
Required Standings: 5.0 with either Amarr Empire or Ministry of Internal Order


Aiding an Investigator[edit]

Late Reports[edit]

The Outclassed Outpost[edit]

Normal combat mission against Sansha Forces.

Raging Sansha[edit]

Cowardly Commander[edit]

Spiderweb Politics[edit]

Aralin Jick[edit]

Background Check[edit]

Longing Leman[edit]

Languishing Lord[edit]

Razing the Outpost[edit]

Ascending Nobles[edit]

Hunting the Hunter[edit]

Fate of a Madman[edit]


The Old Guard[edit]

Interrogation: Catching the Scent[edit]

Falling into Place[edit]

Making an Arrest[edit]

An Unfortunate End[edit]

Panic Response[edit]

The Right to Rule[edit]

Alike Minds[edit]

Silence Rahsa: The Nations Path[edit]

A Human Body[edit]

A Metal Mind[edit]

A Digital Soul[edit]

Regal Replacement[edit]

Pilot Notations[edit]

Soloed in a Loki fitted with a 1050dps EM/Therm shield tank, less would have been doable to and it would have been a good idea to refit for the 2 Mercenary missions, however with some speed tanking it was quite manageable. Some missions had heavy neuting so it is a good idea to always have some Barrage ammo in the cargo hold to take out the neuting ships and towers at long range. There are many Elite Frigates and Cruisers that do heavy tracking disruption, so be prepared to spend lots of ammo. Total spend ammo was ~4.000 Barrage M and ~50.000 EMP M, a few of the missions was consuming ~6.000 EMP M so make sure you have at least that in you cargo hold. Having light drones is also advisable especially if a Battle ship is used.

Flying the Sansha part of the Arc, one should keep in mind that those missions all take place in low sec. Being able to fly a Covert Ops / Black Ops ship helps a great deal to get in and out without too much trouble.