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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


The most common use for a Rokh is for a a sniper in fleets, though they can also make excellent mission running ships. However, the Rokh is always better suited when flying in a group, as its tanking capabilities are much lower when compared to other Caldari battleships and its long range specialization can give it trouble with smaller ships that get close up.

As a sniper in a large fleet, and due to new probe-down techniques that have made the 130-150km range the standard range for fleet engagements, the Rokh has one very major advantage over the other battleships. Due to a combination of its high CPU for weapon upgrades, large base targeting range, awesome bonus to hybrid optimal range and the already long range of 425mm railguns, the Rokh appears to be the only battleship able to hit at optimal at the 130-150km range with a faction ammo type that does more damage than its corresponding tech II ranged ammo, while still fitting the basic requirements of a propulsion mod and a half-decent tank. Even the Amarr Apocalypse with enough powergrid equipment to let it fit a full rack of tech II tachyon beam lasers won't be able to hit at this range with an ammo that does more damage than Aurora crystals. Because of this, even though with tech II ammo some of the other battleships may be able to beat the Rokh at this range in volley damage (such as the Maelstrom), the Rokh can beat all of them in overall DPS by quite a fair margin, and for those rare occasions where fights do happen at the 200+km range the Rokh can easily slap in some Spike ammo and targeting range scripts to be able to engage, where none of the other battleships have a hope in hell of reaching.

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