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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Royal Assassins Guld
Ticker [R.A.G]

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Royal Assassins Guild[edit]

  An elite, veteran corporation focused on combat. We seek members who never shy from battle and revel in the challenge of competition. 
Whether you are an accomplished combat pilot or someone looking to learn, we welcome all. When not exterminating our targets we enjoy
all other aspects of EvE. We are an active yet casual brotherhood from all timezones, and enjoy a drama free climate. All members are
expected to participate in corporate operations.We do not accept unsolicited applications, only invites and people recommended by members
in good standing. We do not accept alternative characters in the corp that are not owned by a member. Any such alts found will be
expelled from corp.

  As a combat operations corporation we prefer combat focused pilots that enjoy conducting specialized operations such as reconnaissance, 
unconventional warfare, and combat support. All of our pilots are encouraged to fly high grade combat ships. We are more interested in what
you bring to the corp as a person than what your character has in skill points. Pilots must work well with others, teamwork is imperative! Self-
sufficiency is as essential as teamwork. It Is expected that all members are to be Knowledgeable and skilled pilots. Without Knowledge, Skill
cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied. All are crucial. A
true warrior must possess loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and above all else, honor.

  We engage in the active killing of those that we witness or are known of; The ransoming of any vessel, Killing of friendly Miners or Industrial 
ships, preying on new and inexperienced pilots, looting or salvaging without permission, etcetera. We will also kill non-responsive neutral
ships that appear to be suspicious, or set on autopilot. Hostile Corps and Players will be met with Gunboat Diplomacy.

  If your Fleet Commander can see you, so can the enemy. If the enemy is within range, so are you. What can be seen can be hit, what can be hit 
can be killed. There is always a way. The best way is never the easy way. The easy way is always overrun by the enemy. The important
things are always simple; the simple things are always hard. The buddy system is essential to your survival -- it gives the enemy someone
else to shoot at. Never share a fighting position with anyone braver than yourself. Don't look conspicuous, it draws enemy fire. Try to look
unimportant to the enemy, they may be low on ammo. Anything you do can get you shot, including doing nothing. If your advance is going
really well, you are walking into an ambush. If your attack is going really well, you are IN an ambush.

Our Mandate:

  • Be respectful to other players.
  • All members must be prepared for combat at all times.
  • Help Corp and Alliance members whenever possible.
  • All members must participate in Corporate Fleet Operations.
  • Strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Member Requirements:

  • 18+ Only.
  • Voice/Teamspeak Enabled.
  • Ability to Type/Speak in English.
  • No trial accounts will be accepted.

Member Ranks:

  • Rookie- Minimum requirement of one week of membership.
  • Apprentice- Minimum requirement of one month of membership.
  • Conscript- Minimum requirement of two months of membership.
  • Warrior- Minimum requirement of four months of membership.
  • Zealot- Minimum requirement of six months of membership.
  • Berserker- Minimum requirement of eight months of membership.
  • Assassin- Minimum requirement of twelve months of membership.
  • Shinobi- Minimum requirement of eighteen months of membership.
  • Genin- Minimum requirement of twentyfour months of membership.
  • Chuunin- Minimum requirement of thirty months of membership.
  • Jounin- Minimum requirement of thirtysix months of membership.
  • Anbu- Minimum requirement of forty two months of membership.
  • Shogun- Minimum requirement forty eight months of membership.
  • Dark Master- Minimum requirement fifty four months of membership.



Recruiting Channel : Crimson Lounge

Recruiting Officer : Attack Fridge

Diplomatic Contact : Quadrapodacone

  The Royal Assassins Guild was founded on 2007/21/20 by Soloman Forrer, it is based on the ancient School for Gentlemen Assassins. When 
the school was still Earth based in the pre-Eve Gate ancient history it was elevated from the status of Academy to that of a Guild.
The Assassins Guild was an organization whose members were professional killers who performed contract terminations. The guild had
different sub-guilds like the bounty hunter division. The best members formed the so-called Elite inner Circle. Members were voted into the
circle by their peers. Its traditions and codes have been secretly passed down through the ages. Royal Assassins Guild has evolved with
time and now it has become an established presence in the Eve Universe. The name has recently changed to the Royal Assassins Guild. But
the doctrine and ideals remain the same.

  For most of its history the Royal Assassins Guild membership was invitation and male-only (although talented, self-taught women might become 
members of the Guild itself), however it has recently become co-educational, yet still is mostly invitational. Quadrapodacone describes the
Assassins Guild as a private academy for the elite. The Assassins Guild is known for providing the best education available. Most of the
nobility in the universe (and beyond) have relayed on the Guild from time to time for many troubling situations, many have even enrolled their
own children. Very few members actually become full fledged assassins; many who attend do not learn the valuable weapon and espionage
skills, but are mainly there for the industrial and survival courses. These students are known as The Assassins Tradesmen
(members with "normal" professions that support the Guild). Guild graduates can be expected to be at home in any division, and to be able to
play at least one musical instrument. However, those who do not graduate are generally never seen again; as noted in the words of Mateaos
Waxen, "The Guild is fond of competitive examination, the Guild is easy to get into and easy to get out of; lack of loyalty is not taken lightly".

  When an assassin reaches the end of his final year, he must undertake a "final exam" known simply as "The Hunting Trip" which consists of a 
written and oral test, a run through an obstacle course with the members peers opposing him ending with the targeted killing of a single
individual. It is designed to test all aspects of the trade, including covert maneuvering, tackling, electronic warfare, trap evasion, contingency planning,
and overall the ability to actually overcome your target and finish the job, all under pressures akin to a real contract (failure is always fatal). To
prepare for "The Hunting Trip", the Guild encourages particularly competitive forms of recreation; in particular group PvP, it is essentially
an extreme hybrid of hide and go seek, Dodgeball, and Chess. Furthermore, tournaments with various prizes are held often.

  The Assassins' Guild has a strict code of conduct. While casual killing for fun and sport is  accepted and prevalent in the Guild, it is considered 
undesirable for an Assassin to engage in combat for any reason other than for, sanctioned corporate operations, self defense, and/or being
paid to do so. Of course, to distinguish themselves from common hitmen, the assassins code also demands that they be paid an extremely
large amount to do so. Typical Guild contracts have the Guild taking half of the payment, with the Assassin keeping the remainder.
The code also demands Assassins never reveal the source of the contract. They must also give the target a sporting chance, and thus are
forbidden from accepting contracts on those who are unable to defend themselves (though for their purposes, anyone wealthy enough to
afford bodyguards is considered able to defend themselves, whether they have actually hired any or not. With this in mind the Guild strongly
disapproves of piracy, extortion or any other illegal acts. They also frown on performing jobs in public (again to distance themselves from
common hitmen). It is accepted that an Assassin may find it necessary to kill bodyguards while on a commission. However, if these can be
incapacitated without being killed, it is considered good manners to do so.

  In very rare cases, usually of personal offense, the executive members of the Assassins Guild may stretch some of those rules, if only to make 
a statement. This is known as "An impolite Execution" It is also the case that the rules may be relaxed if the Assassin is "outside civilization".
This being said an Assassin must always act with style and honor. Without style, he's just an expensive mercenary, without honor he is no
more than a thug. It is encouraged to seem vaguely apathetic and, if possible, slightly foreign.