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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Sublime Creations Alliance
Ticker T-BAG
Type Democratic
Founded 2009.09.16
Status Active Hiring
Contact details
Alliance CEO Lord Rancules
Diplomat(s) Lord Rancules, McIteck, Crusial Lobottomie
Public Channel sorry, invitation only
Website [ ]
Executor Lord Rancules
Members right click alliance details

The Early Days[edit]

At the beggings of Sublime history the corporation operated as two separate entities (small corp and big corp). Sublime was already a well established corp with a glorious history of being a pioneer in the game and belonged to the various incantations of Stain Empire, even before in game alliances where created. Sublime LLC, though, moved from Stain Alliance to become a member of Prime Orbital Systems (POS) alliance which lived in Esoteria at the time. POS was assisting Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) alliance in resisting the Band of Brothers (BOB) aggressions in the southern regions, primarily Esoteria. Subsequently, Sublime left POS and joined ASCN. Coincidentally, this was about the same time that ASCN built the first Titan (STEVE). However, ASCN had devolved into an unfocused carebear society. i.e. in the past an incursion by any hostile resulted in the members of ASCN forming up and responding to any conflict in a expeditious manner. By the Fall of 1996 it seemed more players were concerned with their wallet status than responding to a CTA. After the destruction of Steve in December ASCN fell apart after Cyvok disappeared. After the fall of ASCN and BoB taking control of Esoteria Sublime pulled back to empire to regroup. Sublime subsequently joined SMASH or as it was generally called SMASH-KILL.

Sojourn with SMASH-KILL[edit]

During our sojurn with SMASH Sublime helped to remove ferge from WNM in a blitzkrieg. SMASH, along with Sublime, was then to fight on the side of the unholy alliance of RA (Red Alliance)-Goons and various others to fight against BOB, particulay in the invasion of Y2-ANO. SMASH was then dis-invited from that conflict. There are various reasons why SMASH was asked to leave but the response I received from Goonfleet contacts was generally that Peoke, the alliance executor, was a major "ass." After we repositioned back to Geminate there followed a period of relative stability which generally consisted of defending our space and running random combat patrols into adjoining non-affiliated space.

The next major war was the invasion of R-6 in dronelands to help Atlas Alliance regain their home system and in doing so helped Fix regain sov as well. The war went very well for the new coaltion of Smash, Roadkill-fix and Atlas until goons announced they were to invade geminate. The coalition continued to fight solar forces in r-6 with both sides bringing fleets in the high hundreds and also saw Smash`s first use of a titan and the first titan takedown. However, this war took its toll and as goons invaded Geminate SMASH-KILL forces found themselves weakened by a long expensive engagement with the Russians. As logistics were shut down by goons from the south and the Russians from the north, Smash members began to leave the alliance, which was particular hard felt when the industry corps started to leave. Sublime stayed in Geminite until the bitter end, though the corporation managed to remove the bulk of its valuable assets. Soon after SMASH-KILL fell to the Goonswarm onslaught.

A New Alliance is Born[edit]

Sublime L.L.C. left Smash Alliance with its downfall. The failure of Smash Alliance and the SMASH-KILL power block due to poor communications had a massive effect on the corporations view of how an alliance should be run, leading to the corporations leadership envisioning a unified alliance with all member corporations acting as divisions within it. After leaving Geminite the corporation moved to Penirgamen in Amarr space where the cooperations members recovered from their recent losses until it was decided for the corporation was to move to inghenges to begin recruiting new members.

The corporation numbers soon swelled and Sublime Creations Alliance was created. The alliance then begin to rent space out in fountain. This unfortunately had a negative effect on the cooperation as many of the older players moved to 0.0 while the younger players stayed in empire, separating the alliance membership. It was also at this time regular pvp ops where being run through the low sec systems around ingehnges. This led to three battles against the corporation Frozen Corpse Inspections Services resulting in 30 loses, in total 3 billion isk, and 0 kills to Sublime. As word spread of this defeat Sublime had two Empire War Declarations placed on it, one by Privateer Alliance. This, combined with the division of the alliance members, made many believe that Sublime Creations was a sinking ship and left the alliance reducing the number of members drastically.

It was also during this period Sublime was negotiating with Stain Empire to gain access to space in Stain Region while in turn supplying Stain Empire with battleships. The negations were successful and Sublime Creations begin to move to Stain, though the move was chaotic due to the Empire War Declarations.

A Place to Call Home[edit]

Soon after entering Stain AAA, Coven, BoB, Systematic Chaos and Stain Empire declared war on Goonswarm and its allies. This allowed sublime creations to gain access to esoteria after further negotiations with stain empire. Sublime was soon to claim sovereignty in its first systems. However, Goonswarm was soon to notice then new player in Esoteria and initiated a perma camp in 0-O6XF, Sublimes home system by cloaking outside of the station and only engaging easy targets and shooting the station servies. After a series of small scale battles, which Sublime encountered some heavy losses, many members moved back up into stain temporally thinking that the camp would soon be over. However 10 days later they were still perma-camping the system and shooting the station services during their prime time while sublimes members would undock and rep the station around down time each day. Goonswarm ended up leaving 0-O6XF after a BoB director defected to Goonswarm and dissolved the BoB alliance leaving BoBs defences in Delve in tatters.

Shortly after this Stain Empire also had a change in leadership which resulted in a new agreement being made with them to occupy the systems sublime controlled. These negations were fruitful.

With the discovery of wormholes leading to previosly unknow systems Sublime set up a POS in a class 5 unknown system to determine the viablity of living in the uncharted regions. It was found that it was difficult to do due to small numbers available on at any time.


One of the major in house problems for the alliance was the retainment of players due to what some people believed to be restrictive alliance policy. Two corps that had been directly recruited into the alliance, Hungarian Riffle Regiment and the Universal Moose Federation had left the alliance due to alliance policy. After 0-06 had been secured a number of members came to believe that the alliance policy was far to restrictive and pushed to have it opened up. However the Alliance Leader Lord Ranculs refused to do this. Due to this Carden Syndicate decided to leave the alliance to form its own, Cartel Syndicate, along with HRR, past members of sublime as well as other members who were dissatisfied with alliance.


While the leaving alliance corporations where able to negotiate that they would be instated of ownership of the 0-O6XF station and surrounding systems, Sublime Creations Alliance regrouped back to high sec to clear the cluttering of assets to ensure future endeavours would be more fruitful. The foresight of the alliance leader Lord Rancules proved right and saved the alliance from more losses than just the 0.0 systems they rented. The diminished member base of the corporations still left in the alliance gave for a long time not much hope for the survival of the alliance. Finally a few members where able to re-ignite the burning desire of the alliance to become again a force that can't be left aside easily. They managed to start programs to have training and ship losses covered and also find a few hotspots to bring the alliance to the attention of some willingly friendly alliances that would allow the pilots to participate in larger scale fleets to gain fighting experience. Now that the member base is growing steadily and the programs in the alliance are bearing fruits the future seems suddenly to be a bit brighter.