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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Types of Safe Spots[edit]

'Gate' Safe Spot[edit]

This type of bookmark includes those that are positioned on the grid around a Stargate. Potential uses include:

  • A point to warp to with your Covert Ops ship when you need to monitor activity at the gate.
  • A point to warp to in any ship to check if it is safe to warp to the gate at 0km.

It is often useful to have a number of these prepared on key gates that you operate around. If you do have more than one then if enemies approach you can simply warp to one of your alternates. They can be easily made by following these steps:

  1. Warp to within 100KM of a gate.
  2. Now zoom out and head in any direction away from the gate (e.g. straight up or straight down).
  3. At 151KM Make sure the gate does not pop off your view…if so move towards it till you can see it again… set your Bookmark.
  4. You are now the proud owner of a 'Gate' Safe Spot.

'Random' Safe Spot[edit]

This type of bookmark includes those that are positioned anywhere in the system in between celestial objects. Potential uses include:

  • A place to hide if hostiles are hunting for you.
  • A storage location for secure containers.

It is important to remember that this type of safe spot is NOT entirely safe. In fact a well trained prober can find you in under 30 seconds if they are lucky.

The best way to make this type of bookmark is to open your solar system map, and then follow these steps:

  1. Warp from your current position to another celestial object in the system, and while still warping create a bookmark. Call this bookmark Spot 1.
  2. Locate a different celestial object, and be sure that it is not on the same vector that you just came from. Warp to this object, and again while still in warp create a bookmark. Call this bookmark Spot 2.
  3. Warp back to Spot 1.
  4. Warp to Spot 2, and again make a bookmark in the middle of this journey. Call this bookmark Spot 3.
  5. You are now the proud owner of a "Random" Safe Spot providing Spot 3 is not positioned on any of the lines between celestial objects in this system.

Remember the best "Random" Safe Spots are as far away from any celestial objects in the system as possible.

"Station" Safe Spot[edit]

This type of bookmark includes those that are positioned to ensure you can dock at the station as soon as you arrive at it. In some cases when you arrive at a station you will not be quite in range of the "docking ring", and will have to travel a short distance to dock. This can be fatal, so these bookmarks can be used to save your bacon.

To make one, follow these steps:

  1. Undock from the station for which you want a 'Station' Safe Spot.
  2. Head straight up, but pick your direction. Once you clear the docking ring you will see the station distance start to count off in Meters, once you are 100m off the "docking ring" set your book mark.

'Under Fire' or 'Insta-undock' Safe Spot[edit]

This type of bookmark includes those that are position to allow you to warp instantly away to safety from station when you undock. These can be used to allow a pilot to assess the situation outside a station before engaging with any enemies that might be outside.

To create an 'Under Fire' Safe Spot, follow these steps:

  1. Un-dock from your station, but take care to not change the direction that you automatically travel in.
  2. Carefully change the speed of your ship so you travel away to a safe distance, say 400km away.
  3. Now make a bookmark.

In this way, the moment you undock you can warp to a spot straight ahead of you 400km from any enemies lurking outside the station - and from there to any other point you wish while being out of range of snipers and tacklers.

Note: Using the camera controls and tactical overlay you can often adjust your undock bookmark to be perfectly centered. Undocking without adjusting your direction can leave you off-center creating potentially unreliable undock bookmarks. The best undock bookmarks will be well off-grid (usually over 600km or more.)

'Deep' Safe Spots[edit]

These types of bookmark are a special type of 'Random' safe spot that includes those that are positioned at least 20AU away from any celestial object. At this distance they are able to provide a measure of protection against all but the best probers.

Using Safe Spots[edit]

Here are a number of simple guidelines that can be used to help keep a ship safe while out in EVE:

  1. When traveling through 0.0 or 0.0-0.4 (low sec) warp to your Gate Safe if you see any neutrals or enemies in local. If you happen to be travelling in a slow aligning ship 151KM should give you enough room to maneuver back to your Deep Safe. However, if you are set-up correctly and no one is at the gate, you may be able to align to the gate and warp to it. In performing this procedure you can minimize the chances that you are caught by your enemies.
  2. If when you travel through the gate you catch a glimpse of someone chasing you, warp to your random safe check your scanner. Be on the lookout for any probes in space, or Covert Ops ships, as this may well be a give away that they are trying to probe for you. If this is the case the best strategy is to keep moving around to ensure they can't find you, otherwise you can sit at your safe spot until the danger has past. It is important to remember that a trained probe pilot can find you in under 27 seconds in the best case scenario.
  3. When travelling into a system you see a camp at the gate, and they have buzzard or another covert ops and are probing you down head to your deep safe spot 15AU from any object. Next align to the station, and warp to your Station Safe Spot to determine if it is safe to dock.
  4. If the station you happen to be in comes under attack, if you must un-dock, and immediately warp to the Under Fire Safe Spot to determine if it safe to engage.

Terms Explained[edit]

Docking Ring
The area around a station at which the range away appears to be 0km, thereby allowing you to dock. Just as a warning the size of this area can vary in size depending on the model of station which you are orbiting.
Launching a cynosural field to jump in a Capital or Black Ops ship.
The size of the viewable area which your ship is currently viewable on, it will vary in size depending on the number of people in a given system. This is also the area in which a doomsday weapon will unleash its damage.

Safe Spot Bookmark Naming Conventions[edit]

Here are a number of abbreviations that you might like to use as naming conventions when making your own safe spots:

Random Safe spot, to be used if you need a bailout point.
Gate Safe Spot, to be used to check if a gate is safe to warp to.
Under fire Safe Spot, this is an outbound safe to make sure you don't get blown away undocking.
Station Safe Spot, this is an inbound check to see if you can dock.
Deep Safe Spot, this is somewhere relatively safe to stay when in a hostile system.