Sanctum Psychosis

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Sanctum Psychosis[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Lanngisi system of the Ani constellation.


Long before the Rebellion, while the constellation was still home of the Nefantar tribe, the Lanngisi system was the main location for those with mental illnesses. Various institutions operated in the system, each preaching its own unique way of treating patients. In time, as the Amarrians had to deal with more and more Minmatar political radicals and dissidents, they started to send those they viewed as a threat to the social stability to Lanngisi for ‘treatment'. After the Rebellion the institutions were promptly closed. A decade ago the Sisters of EVE refurbished one of the old institutional stations as a local aid station for refugees. Sanctum Psychosis was initially part spa, part mental hospital for those suffering serious psychosis and delusions. Later on, with all the seriously violent patients referred to the place, it become nothing more than a prison for those deemed too dangerous to be on the loose.


Beris Nitrus[edit]

Sisters of Eve Food Relief Administration

Fara Bohk[edit]

Minmatar Freedom Extension Storage

Remy Ouche[edit]

Minmatar Eifyr & Co. Production