Sansha Annex

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Sansha Annex
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security Lowsec
Known Regions Derelik, Domain
Pirate type Sansha's Nation

The Sansha Annex is one of the more difficult deadspace complexes associated with Sansha's Nation. It is commonly found in low security space in regions infested by members of the nation. It consists of two rooms separated by a locked acceleration gate with multiple spawns in each room. Template:Warning

Room 1[edit]

The first room contains an acceleration gate whose activation requires either a passkey or the destruction of the security station building. The Sansha heavy missile batteries will automatically begin attacking the first ship to enter the deadspace room.

Initial Spawn
1 x Security Station (structure) (trigger)
12 x Sansha Heavy Missile Battery (sentry gun)
First Spawn
3 x (battleship)
4 x (elite cruiser) or (battlecruiser)
3 x (elite frigate)
Second Spawn
5 x (battleship)
4 x (elite cruiser) or (battlecruiser)

Room 2[edit]

The second room contains a large group near the warp-in point that will automatically begin attacking the first ship to enter the room. The minimum recommended fleet is two remote repairing battlecruisers however two remote repairing battleships are preferable. Tank of 600 vs EM/Therm is as a minimum for Cruiser Size Hulls. Template:Warning

Initial Spawn
5 x (elite frigate)
10-12 x (elite cruiser)
8 x (battleship)
3 x Sansha Tower III (sentry gun) (trigger)
1 x Stasis Web Tower (sentry gun) (trigger)
First Spawn
4 x (battleship)
4 x (battlecruiser)
1 x Overseer (battleship)
4 x Spider Drone III (drone)


The overseer should drop an overseer's personal effects. This complex may also escalate into the expedition Sansha Powergrid Escalating Encounters. The escalation message is as follows:


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