Schabs Xalot

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Schabs Xalot[edit]

Cosmos Agent = Level 3 Quality 0

Division = Manufacturing

Corporation = Roden Shipyards

Faction = Gallente Federation

Location = "Survey Station" - Colelie System

Mission = Ore Harvesting (3 Part)


(1 of 3)

Trade = 4662x Dense Veldspar Ore 466.2 m3

Mission Payment = ISK

Bonus Time Reward = ISK

Corporation Standing increase

(2 of 3)

Encounter/Trade = Kill NPC's/Mine 2000x Omber Ore 1200 m3 (Mission Site)

Mission Payment = BPC 3 run - 'Economist' Tracking Computer I Blueprint

Bonus Time Reward = Faction Ammunition - 1000 units Medium Federation Navy Charge (Varied)

Corporation Standing increase


(3 of 3)

Courier = Specific Item - Reports 0.1 m3 (Low Security)

Mission Payment = 2 Storyline Modules - 'Meditation' Medium Armor Repairer I

Bonus Time Reward = Attribute Implant - 1 unit Ocular Filter - Basic

Corporation Standing increase

Faction Standing increase


See Gallente COSMOS Guide for more information.