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Community portal

Welcome to Evelopedia's community portal. This is the place where community comes together to find out what's going on and what tasks need doing. In here you can also contact Evelopedia admins.
  • Help the community by editing or creating new pages. It's easy, just login with your Eve-Online account.
  • Read our new editors guide.
  • You can chat with community and YARR team on an IRC channel.
  • "My EVE Forum” is the forum were we can have Evelopedia related discussions

Things To Do

EVElopedia is an ever-growing project that needs the help of you; the players to make it work to its full potential!

Incomplete Pages[edit]

Have a look at the stubs category to find pages that other players have deemed incomplete. If you know more about the information on these pages, please contribute by updating the article. You can mark an article incomplete by using the {{stub}} template.

Pages requiring Cleanup[edit]

These are pages that contain all the right information, however the layout and/or spelling of the pages could be better. You can help us by editing these pages and making them look as good as possible with their current contents, although you can also improve their content if you see fit. You can mark an article as needing cleanup by using the {{cleanup}} template.

For a full list of these pages, click here.

Pages without a Neutral Point of View[edit]

These are pages that present only one side of an argument, or don't explore all aspects of their given topic. They may be pages that relate to a controversial event and present a one-sided picture of the event. In all cases, more content must be added and biased comments should be removed from articles. You can mark an article as lacking a NPOV by using the {{npov}} template.

You can find a list of these pages here.

Uncategorized Pages[edit]

You can check out our Uncategorized Pages list for pages that have been created without categories.

The exception (for the moment) of these pages are Item Database pages, these should remain without a category for the moment (Example: Someone adds information about an item, it appears in that list)

Wanted Pages[edit]

Wanted pages are pages that are linked to from other Articles in the EVElopedia but do not exist.

The exception for this is currently the Regions and Constellations. They need to redirect to their respective categories (For example: Everyshore (Region) content would be, #REDIRECT [[:Category:Everyshore (Region)]])

You can find a list of these pages here.

Note: Several of the pages listed do exist and are improperly linked from other articles creating a 'false wanted page'.

Pages in need of Improvement or Deletion[edit]

Pages marked as this should be improved upon if possible. If you don't think they can be improved or don't think they are relevant to the wiki, you can post on the Discussion page (of one of the listed articles) and ask for it to be removed. You can mark an article as needing improvement or deletion by using the {{rfiod}} template. You can find a list of these pages here.

Pages in need of Merging[edit]

Pages marked to be merged are pages that share a topic area with other pages and should be merged into a single article to avoid duplication. You can mark an article as needing merging by using the {{merge}} template.

You can find a list of these pages here.


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