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EVElopedia text formatting includes many kinds of text formatting. They serve as secondary ways to stress or accent page text and should be used to increase legibility and indicate importance.


Text capitalization should follow the rules of the English language. Capitalization should be used for the first letters in proper names, system names, ship names, and character names.


Italics should be used when writing in a different voice. This includes writing in a non-neutral tone. (ex. Users shouldn't address the reader in the second person)


Bold should be used to visually stress words and grab the readers attention. (ex. Writers should Not use bold constantly throughout their sentences).


Underlines should be used when indicating a formal work like book, piece of music or motion picture. It should also be used to express stress. (ex. THIS is an example of underlined text).


Parenthesis should be used when providing examples of a concept. Questions should end in question marks.


Users should generally avoid abbreviations. Page titles should always used the full name of an entity. References within the page body should only use abbreviations when the abbreviation is an official syntax or proper name (ex. COSMOS and YARR)


When writing numbers, the following guidelines are suggested:

Value Action Example
Whole number unit-less quantities between the values of zero and fifteen The english word (ex. one, two, three, four,... fifteen)
Whole number unit-less quantities less than zero or greater than fifteen The numeric representation (ex. 16, 17, 18, 19, ... 13,000, 13,001)
Whole number unit-less quantities greater than one million The numeric fraction of the closest power of 1,000 followed by the power written as a word (ex. 3.60 million, 560 billion, 4.98 trillion)
When the exact value of a number is important The exact numeric representation (ex. 5,980,100 less than expected)
Quantities with units The numeric representation followed by the unit abbreviation (ex. 1m3, 56GJ)
Quantities of isk The numeric representation with two decimal points accuracy (ex. 1.00isk, 7.75isk)


Users should follow the standard english rules for whitespace. One space between each word. Two between sentences. Paragraphs should follow one after another. Headers should be preceded with a single empty line.

Article Links[edit]

Users should create in-line links to articles when the article's subject is first presented. Additional links should be avoided unless the article's subject is critical to the encompassing text. Users should link to articles using a common name that best fits the in-line context. Links may also use the verb or gerund forms of a subject when the use make sense.

External Links[edit]

Users should avoid external links within bodies of text. External links should be clearly labeled and delineated from standard article content.


Colors should be used like bold lettering to emphasize words. Users should keep within the color palate of the website or when necessary use an palette generating tool like Users should avoid orange, unless referring to page titles as page titles. Suggested colors are as follows:

Color Use Alt. Uses
White Page Text N/A
Orange Wiki links Directly referring to links as such
Red Very important text N/A
Light Blue - #3DB7CC Important text N/A


Lists are ordered sets of data arranged vertically in a separate rows. Evelopedia supports bulleted lists, numbered lists, and definition lists. Lists should be used for any data sets with a quantity greater than four or the. Lists may be used for smaller sets of data if list improves readability.

  • Bulleted lists should be used when the order of the data does not matter. They should be organized in alphabetical order for ease of reference.
  • Numbered lists should be used when the order of the data does matter.
  • Numbered lists should be organized in the order that best reflects the data.
  • Definition lists should be used when addressing a single word or phrase directly.


Main Article: Templates

Template will not only format the text, but also include a colored border, background and title. They are a final and drastic option when attempting to gain the user's attention. Available templates include:

  • Note templates should be used to indicate critically important information.


  • Warning templates should be used to indicate critically important information that might warn of negative consequences for the user.


  • Hint templates should be used to indicate very useful strategic, policy, or mechanic information.