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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Sev3rance
Ticker -7-
Type 0.0
Founded February 5th, 2007
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO FuriousPig, Black Lazer
Diplomat(s) Duran 35, SoulBlythe
Public Channel -7- Diplomacy
Website Sev3rance Homepage
Executor IronPig
Members DOTLAN Link

Sev3rance (-7-) is an alliance based in Providence. The alliance is a member of the Providence Holders coalition.



Sev3rance was founded in early 2007 with the goal to unite all anti-Pirate/NRDS corporations under one banner in the low sec constellation Sukanan, in the Tash-Murkon Region. IronPig [IRNP] and Mystic Lion Hearts [-MLH-] were on the front line of anti-pirate activity. Others, including the Sukanan Defense Force (SDF), played key roles in suppressing piracy in the region.

Connection to CVA[edit]

Sev3rance's efforts in Tash-Murkon low sec impressed CVA, which extended an invitation to Sev3rance to join them in Providence, along with SDF Corps, which joined CVA at roughly the same time.

Sev3rance provided valuable assistance to CVA in its campaign against Ushra'Khan, helping to wrestle control of the UK outposts in QR-K85 and 9UY4-H away from Ushra'Khan. After its victory, Sev3rance was offered the XV7L-S constellation as reward from the Emperor himself.

The first siege of XV7L-S[edit]

Sev3rance claimed the XV7L-S constellation briefly, by using weaknesses in Ushra'Khan's Tower deployment strategy, however, this victory didn't last long.

While CVA was under siege by Triumvirate. in late 2007, Ushra'Khan and The Star Fraction launched a massive offensive to regain control of the XV7L-S constellation, managing to switch Sovereignity in the capital system of KBP7-G to level 1 for Ushra'Khan by placing a superior number of Towers in the System. With the help of Cold STEEL Alliance, Sev3rance withstood the assault on their Towers long enough, until finally the combined Capital Fleet of the Providence Holders destroyed all Ushra'Khan Towers.

Despite the launch of The Star Fractions follow-up campaign to disrupt Sev3rances supply lines (Operation Terminus Est), Sev3rance reclaimed their constellation and was first amongst the Providence Holders to build outposts in the region, growing from a low sec anti-pirate Alliance to a full 0.0 Alliance.

New Space[edit]

With Ushra'Khan and Star Fraction gone, Sev3rance entered a Period of consolidation and relative peace, almost doubling it's Memberbase. Industrial Facillities were build, and the strained Alliance Assets extended.

Early 2009 Sev3rance felt comfortable enough with their Assets to begin claiming a constellation in Catch from which Ushra'Khan constantly launched raids from into Providence. The claiming of the Constellation went without interference, with only one notable Battle fought with Ushra'Khan and Against ALL Authorities vs the Providence Holders in GMLH-K.

The second siege of XV7L-S[edit]

Early 2010 with the launch of the Dominion Expansion, Providence was attacked by combined forces of the Southern Coalition. Despite the fierce resistance[1] put up most notably by Fidelas Constans, Cold STEEL Alliance and Sev3rance, as well as the famous Genos Occidere Corporation the XV7L-S Constellation fell under the combined assault of Atlas Alliance, Against ALL Authorities, Ushra'Khan and their Proxy Allies, which in return were given those systems.

New Home[edit]

With the loss of the XV7L-S Constellation Sev3rance decided to abandon it's constellation in Catch and move North and assist the Northern Coalition in the great war between the North and South. With the war coming to an end they moved to Pure Blind as a guest of Morsus Mihi with other neighbours from Providence: Fidelas Constans and Fatal Ascension.

Sev3rance set up operations in the area and helped the local coalition clear out western Pure Blind. Conflicts with Pandemic Legion griefing the space followed, with the local coalition then moving and clearing out Ev0ke. from Cloud Ring.

Soon after this the DRF campaign began in eastern NC territory, and Sev3rance commited most of it's effort to deploying in that area.

Move to Vale and the DRF Invasion[edit]

Due to political conflicts in Pure Blind, Sev3rance was forced to give up the space in Cloud Ring. At this time the opportunity to move to Vale under Majesta Empire arose, and Sev3rance decided to move to this region.

From the closer region participation with NC forces against the DRF invasion was much easier, but the invasion proved to have too much momentum, and Vale was eventually overrun.

At this time Sev3rance chose to leave the NC and, after reconnecting with Curatores Veritas Alliance, decided to return to Providence and recommit to the goal of Providence as an NRDS region.

Return to Providence[edit]

After leaving Vale of the Silent, Sev3rance reconnected with Curatores Veritas Alliance and is currently working on the restoration of the Providence region as NRDS an open for neutrals.

Rules of Engagement[edit]


You may be engaged by Sev3rance vessels if you meet any of the following criteria:


Founder Corporations: IronPig <IRNP>, Mystic Lion Hearts <-MLH->
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Traditional Allies: Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA],Morsus Mihi [RAWR]
Traditional Enemies: The Star Fraction [-SF-]
Piracy: Anti-pirate

YouTube Videos[edit]

We are starting to make videos of our adventures throughout Eve. Feel free to enjoy.