Ship Active Tank Bonus Buff (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Ship Active Tank Bonus Buff
  • Raised by: TeaDaze
  • Submission Date: 14 March 2010
  • Issue ID: ???
  • Rejected by CCP - favors one game element over another


At the moment buffer tanking ships are the most common in PVP. There are a number of reasons for this, partly down to capacitor but also the effectiveness of a repair setup for the amount of fitting required just isn't justified at the moment. There are some exceptions of course and remote repair gangs are still popular, but local tanking is pretty rare outside capitals or PVE.

There are many ships in game with a bonus to repair amount that end up being buffer tanked anyway because even with the bonus it is hard to get a viable active tanked setup. In many situations the 7.5% per level rep bonus is very nearly equal in effectiveness to the 5% resist per level bonus on some other ships in terms of raw damage tanked. The ship with the resist bonus however has the advantage of being able to buffer tank and still retain the full advantage of the bonus in RR gangs which the rep bonus ship does not.

Potential Solution[edit]

Increase the repair amount per level bonuses on ships from 7.5% per level to at least 10% per level.


  • More viability of local rep active tanking
  • Allows more ships to use their bonuses
  • Encouraging variation is good


  • Doesn't address cap or fitting issues also inherent with active tanking.
  • Boost to PVE which probably isn't a con unless you are in charge of mission balance ;)

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Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passed 6/2