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Sister Camp[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Traun system of the of the Ani constellation.


The Sisters of EVE, always ready to aid those in need, have set up a relief camp here. The constant skirmishes around the system leave many wounded and hurt. Many more have also lost all their assets after accidentally getting in the cross-fire or being beset by on of the many warring factions. Here, the Sisters are giving first aid to those that need it. They are also monitoring the conflict, checking for any signs of inhuman treatment or war crimes taking place. But as everywhere else, they strive to maintain their neutrality.


Bukar Robaerger[edit]

Brutor Tribe (Public Relations/Level 3/Quality 0/Event) Transputer Orb

Fynnir Torsont[edit]

Servant Sisters of EVE (Administrator/Level 3/Quality 0/Event) Requiem For A Peace