Skill training queue (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Jade Constantine
Submission Date: 31-05-2008
Issue ID: 0001


Since early in EVE’s existence, many players have expressed that they are annoyed when they have a skill finish training at a time that is beyond their ability to monitor, forcing them to either train extra-long skills that are not immediately useful or bludgeon EVE into their personal or professional life. A skill-training queue that changes skills for players in some fashion would be a modest but substantial improvement to the quality of EVE’s gameplay.

Potential Solutions[edit]

  • Simple one-deep skill training queue that changes only one skill each time it is set.
    • Pro: People who have to spend extended periods of time without access to EVE do not have to make extreme sacrifices to ensure that they maximize their skill training potential.
    • Con: Lends itself to encouraging the use of alternate accounts (debatable)

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  • A skill-queue was introduced in the Apocrypha expansion