Smartbomb overhaul (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Jade Constantine
  • Submission Date: October 2008
  • Issue ID: 0103-01-0096


Smartbombs have long been a neglected weapon system in Eve online. Available and Functional at release - they've stayed more or less consistent ever since. We've had faction variants of course, tech2 variants and some mechanics involving smartbombs have changed but we are still lacking support skills for these devices to allow people to specialize (as they have in drones, missiles, EW etc etc)


If this ISSUE is supported and passes the CSM I'd like to ask CCP to make time in the next available development cycle to do a general refresh/revamp/rebalance of all things Smartbomb and bring this system back into the mainstream of Eve combat. This would involve (but not be limited too):

  • Introducing Skills for specializing in smartbombs
    • Smartbomb Range
    • Smartbomb Damage
    • Smartbomb Energy Use Reduction
    • Small, Medium, Large specialisations perhaps
    • Etc etc

  • Introducing Rigs and Implants to boost smartbombs
    • Very much taking a leaf from the book of current missile/drone rigs/implants.

  • Random scripting musing
    • How about giving smartbombs a scripted mode switch "indiscriminate/selective" - maybe allow indiscriminate mode to function as is (as in everyone in range takes the hit) - good for lowsec/0.0 work or selective mode where they do half damage but only hit war enemies / criminally flagged people perhaps?

  • Pros
    • Players have more options for specialisation, options are a good thing
    • An existing weapons system becomes more interesting to use and deploy
    • We have some direct counter potential for missiles and drone deployment

  • Cons
    • Need to be careful not to overpower smartbombs so we get to similar situations to the existing Citadel torpedo / large smartbomb vulnerability for capital warfare
    • Players my well moan and groan at needing to learn some new specialization skills to fully enjoy their existing smartbomb technology that then again – they always do (remember missiles and drones)


Lets have re-working of Smartbombs advocated to CCP's development agenda for next year and bring this weapon system into support equality with guns/missiles/drones/ew for increased variety and potential in the Eve combat system. CCP have teams of developers that can do the brainstorming and balance work if we let them know we care about this issue.

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