Soldiers Of New Eve (Player alliance)

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Soldiers of New Eve[edit]

Soldiers of New Eve is a PVP and industrial alliance that was formed on 7th October 2008.


The formation came about because of a merger between Mostly Harmless and Deadspace Society corporations.


Piracy: Member corporation policy
Alliance Executor:

Current Corporations[edit]

  • Unknown Soldiers
  • At Swords' Point
  • Unknown Soldiers Industries
  • Citadel Heavy Industry Collective
  • Unknown Soldiers Holdings
  • Dot.Inc
  • Aspire Academy
  • Sock Robbers
  • SONE Holdings
  • Servant's of order
  • Destruction Reborn
  • Faulty Solutions
  • Muff Divers
  • Muff Divers Reserve
  • Shaven Wookiee Corp
  • Dead Space Warriors
  • En plo
  • Skunkwerx Manufacturing
  • guided by voices
  • The Legion Of Steel Warriors
  • Brass Monkeys Society
  • The Blood Pack

Former Corporations

  • Universal Assembler