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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Soltueur was a Gallentean prototype titan hull, one of the earliest in New Eden history after the enigmatic Jovian models used to defeat Amarr. At the height of its popularity six models were in service. One of these was stolen and the other five faded into obscurity, likely overshadowed by the newer and more technologically advanced cousin the Erebus. Although 2 were deployed as part of the FEDCAFT naval excercises in March of YC115[1].

The Flight of the Molyneux[edit]

This article relates to an event or event actor run by the now defunct ISD AURORA. AURORA events and event actors are considered official fiction but the logs and transcripts here are provided by players and are not guaranteed 100% accurate or complete. If you have old event logs consider contributing them to Evelopedia!

In YC 107 one of the Soltueur class titans, the FNS Molyneux, was hijacked by Serpentis forces[2]. The ambushers led the titan on a daring chase all the way back to Serpentis Prime. Many pilots came to collect the billions in bounties placed on members of the Serpentis strike force and to stop the titan[3]. Capsuleers played a large part on both sides, with pitched battles across nullsec between large alliances trying to save or down the titan for a portion of the spoils[4]. In the end the titan made it to Fountain where its devastated escort was reinforced and attackers were fought off. It docked at a station in Serpentis Prime and has not been seen from since.

Event Pictures[edit]

Salvador Sarpati piloting the titan.
Capsuleers assault the Molyneux.
A Serpentis strike force reinforces the besieged titan.